Monday, September 1, 2014


It's been a month since we got back from Europe and I'm finally, finally going through pictures. Now it feels like a dream when I look back on photos... slightly hazy and sentimental and I think, we actually did that?! It was the trip of a lifetime and I'm still grasping for a summary of cohesive words.

Our first stop was London where we spent a BRIEF day and a half. We met Marisa in Heathrow Airport in the early afternoon, then found our way to our AirBnB stay in a quaint London burb. In the next 36 hours we took a (somewhat cheesy) bus tour around downtown, saw the Elizabeth Tower and the London Eye, ate fish and chips, cringed at the dollar's terrible exchange rate, rode on the 2nd level of the red double decker buses as much as possible, got swarmed by people at Buckingham Palace, fell in love with Borough Market, rode a boat down the Thames, ate our last big breakfast of Europe (every other country had small, light breakfast options), reacquainted ourselves with the subway, wandered Hyde Park, spoke English (ahh, English!), saw Matilda the musical at Cambridge Theater, admired the rows and rows of flowers boxes everywhere, kept thinking about scenes from What a Girl Wants (my 16 year-old self would be so proud), got stuck on a broken-down train late at night for over an hour, and took a taxi at 3:30 am to Luton airport with little to no sleep.

I think that about covers it. :)

Now photos (lots and lots). As in, mostly buildings and food. What can I say? Most photos were taken with my dSLR and 50mm lens, but a few are from mine and Jason's phones.

If only the rest of Europe had such bright and recognizable metro signs.

The most magical urban garden. How I wish I could live here.

I couldn't afford to buy every delicious food at the Borough Market so I took photos instead.

He called me darling and made my favorite meal in London, seen below.


  1. These food pictures are amazing! London is much more colorful then the movies portray. I can't wait for the next post of European adventures!

  2. Beautiful! Makes me want to go to London!

  3. This trip looks so beautiful! I love how your pictures turned out!