Thursday, January 9, 2014

Minus the penguins

I snapped this picture on our drive to St. Louis. We had to pull over to check something in my car and I sat inside (where it was warm) admiring my husband framed by headlights as he peered under the hood. It's one of those photos that could be a lot better if I knew the technical side of my camera, but at the same time I love it as is, a moment captured.

With temperatures way below zero this week, our cars have protested by simply not working. It's been a huge headache which I feel slightly guilty saying since Jason has taken the largest brunt of the pain - lugging a car battery to and from the bus stop, flagging down neighbors to jump the car, dealing with parts shop, moving each battery in and out of the cars multiple times, concocting a plan to tow his car with my car, and just generally coaxing the cars back to life. All of this when it's -11 with wind chills in the -30s (comparable weather to ANTARCTICA, although as my friend Marisa noted, minus the penguins).

I'm incredibly grateful for this guy who takes care of me – in exchange for cuddling and soup. I'm certain I got the better end of the deal.

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