Thursday, January 2, 2014


I wasn't great about blogging through the year, so here is a summation of 2013 in photos. What a year, ya know? But they always are. Started the year on a low, feeling sorry for myself, and consequently spent the second half of the year celebrating life and being thankful to make up for lost time. I learned a lot about intentionality and gratitude. God's love was always there woven into the highs and lows and for that, it was truly a great year.

Tried to come to terms with winter. Went to the buffalo reserve (!) and Pella with photography friends. Took advantage of the snow in the best ways possible.

Had some wonderful date nights. Spent a lot of time cuddling with Jason and kitties.

In one of the best weeks of the year, we went to New York and reunited with two wonderful friends.

Spring finally came and all things barbeque were celebrated once again.

Lots of time outdoors. I accepted a new job that I love and Jason finished his first year of medical school.

Visited Arizona and I got to see all the little ones (and adults too!) that I love and miss so very much. Spent much-needed time with Jason's family. Jason turned 25 and we celebrated our third wedding anniversary with a trip to Omaha, Nebraska.

Went camping with wonderful friends. Moved into a perfect little bungalow. Spent a week at a lake house with the McCalpin family.

I turned 25.  Marisa came to visit for the last days of August and the beginning of September and we were reminded once again of how much we miss her.

Went to Northfield with the Andersons and it is a trip we will always cherish.

Went on a lot of outings with friends; was glad to have girl time but missed Jason as school took a toll on everything.

Fall was magical once again. Fostered a little kitten who broke our heart to give up. Visited my family in Philadelphia for the first time and explored the city together.

Babysat a particularly cute puppy. Took some big risks this month - created a paper goods shop on a whim and sold at my first market, and filmed a wedding, stretching myself further than I have in quite a while. Ended the year with a visit to St. Louis for Christmas.

Happy New Year's everyone! Cheers to 2014.


  1. Hey lovely. Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog. Your photos are gorgeous -- every single one of them. It looks like you had an amazing year, too! Also, I want to dognap your dog. Sooooo adorable.

  2. What a great year! I love the pictures that you shared to reflect on. Just the cutest! :)
    xo TJ