Saturday, December 21, 2013

A simple holiday

I have been drooling over boxwood wreaths for years so when I stumbled on some boxwood sprigs at Home Depot, you better believe I snatched them up. I snipped the branches up with scissors and then hot-glued them to embroidery hoops and hung them with twine. They're so simple and cheery hanging in our windows.



(window pictures are hard)

This year we got our first real tree. We kept it small so our mischievous furry felines wouldn't be tempted to climb it (remember this?). There's something really lovely about having a piece of winter nature indoors. The grapevine wreath was made by my mom a few years ago and I finally actually did something with it, adding a touch of wintery green and calling it a day. I had been craving some simple, rustic decorations and these were just what I had envisioned.

Found this guy at the thrift store - one quarter for a touch of holiday romance.

I got this nativity set at a thrift store last year. It's white ceramic with gold detailing and about 100% cheaper than any nativity set at full price. Win, win.

Christmas has certainly caught up to us. I aimed to not make myself too busy so that I could focus on what it is really important with unneeded stress, but this year was particularly hard. Next year, right? It is now a few short days from Christmas and we are now in St. Louis with family to slow and down and really, we're truly grateful for our Savior and all the wonderful people in our life.

P.S. This is an unnecessary rant but I'm going there. Can I vent for one brief moment on all these tutorials popping up on "DIY wrapping paper" or "DIY your way to beautiful wrapping paper" or "Spice up your wrapping paper with paint and glitter and intricate drawings that only take a few or ten hours." I am all for beautiful things. But. Spending hours on art-making your way to beautiful wrapping paper is just beyond me. This is paper that covers a present that the gift recipient will tear into and throw into a pile of crumpled and shredded wrapping paper that will go straight to the recycling bin (unless you're my grandma who wades through this pile and pulls out pieces of paper that are reusable for the next Christmas, which is truly the gift that keeps giving). I mean no offense to those who have carefully crafted their wrapped paper. But you all know what needs to be said now. Ain't nobody got time for that!

Merry Christmas folks!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

There is beauty in winter

Silence cloaks the horizon beneath an ashen sky. Nature waits, solemn and expectant as the air gingerly, gently draws the feathery white downward. The wind whispers and licks the earth, dancing with the newborn powdery snowflakes. Windows become frames to a life-size snow globe and I am enraptured, breathless. Entwined in the falling snow is peace that spreads slowly over the ground and into my chest. This fresh peace, like drinking hot tea on a cold day, is a glimmer of a future, greater Peace. A wintery, holy promise.

In joining with a storm there is sacredness. In breaking the silence with an open door and movement and noise. In disrupting the resting place of millions upon millions of snowflakes woven together so delicately. The snow groans and compresses under my weight and I am an island in a sea of alabaster. Nature adorns my crown with glitter and my lashes cradle the falling flakes. My breath is full and smoky white and suddenly too loud.

In this moment, the boundaries blur between the storm and I and we become one. I am a funnel, gulping with my eyes and stuffing my lungs full and storing it all in my heart. I am communing with my Creator by celebrating his creation. There is beauty in winter and I writing myself into its story.