Sunday, November 3, 2013

Movie blitz month

Guys. I hadn't been to the movie since Christmas break but that's all changing because it's November. Which means it's a book lover's dream (or nightmare depending on how you see things) because three amazing books are all premiering as movies.

Ender's Game was this weekend. CAN WE TALK ABOUT THIS???

Okay, so obviously any movie adaptation will have its shortcomings. It's the age old problem of not having enough time to fit the whole book into the movie. I so very much prefer some necessary trimming rather than turning one book into three movies. I'm still bitter about The Hobbit. Just all sorts of wrong and greedy.

So, yes, Ender's Game the movie had to cut out a lot of the complexity of the characters and their relationships. Yes, they cut out a ton of the school battles (wisely, I believe). Yes, some characters are different or not featured at all. The movie was missing some of the heart that comes with the book. But this is why books are always better.

All of that aside, I thought the movie was great. Refreshingly different and delightfully sci-fi. They did a fantastic job of bringing Ender's world to life. I loved the spaceship and the battle room (and admittedly, I couldn't have imagined anything that awesome in my head). Bravo to the actor who played Ender, considering the challenge of the role. I wanted to take Bean home with me, he was PRECIOUS. For a science fiction movie, the cinematography and sets were surprisingly beautiful. Really, really beautiful. And finally, the mood of the movie was perfect.

Ah, loved it.

Next weekend is The Book Thief. BRING THE KLEENEX BOXES. The trailer gets me every time. Tears are going to be shed in the name of beautiful storytelling.

And November 22, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. More Katniss Everdeen please. AND FINNICK!!!

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  1. I thought it was really good too! Definitely lacking compared to the book (per usual), but still a great movie! I kind of wished they had more zero gravity battles. :P

    Also, Catching Fire looks SO good! I was a little disappointed with the first one, but this one looks amazing!