Sunday, November 24, 2013

Annoyingly overdue vacation photos

Good thing my blog is not a library and posts aren't charged for being 4 months overdue.

Is it annoying to post pictures of a July lake house trip when it's November and snowing? (oh well). I got really behind with summer pictures so this is an attempt to catch up and remember warmer times.

My wonderful grandparents have started a tradition of renting a lake house each summer and for the first time, Jason and I got to join! It was as marvelous as the moose antler chandelier.

We stayed in a charming house in Ortonville, Minnesota, where we happened to be the only ones in town not wearing overalls. Kidding. Sort of. The house had huge windows so of course I was in love with the great lighting. 

Jason was really determined to catch a fish, so this is what he looked like whenever we were hanging at the house.

My gramps is a skilled fly fisherman so he gave us a lot of tips and pointers.

What's a lake house without an outdoor shower?

When we were out and about in town, we found a rummage sale. And these. We died laughing when we saw the "make offer" sticker on a particularly unfortunate looking plastic figurine.

My granny doing what she does best: shop. (why yes, I do believe I inherited this trait)

The other side of the lake is South Dakota so Jason and I are proud to say we kayaked all the way to South Dakota.

The moment after Jason caught a fish when my brother scooped it out. A jubilant moment.

I just...

Seriously, probably one of his happiest moments of 2013. The first fish he has ever caught. In his entire life.

It's not a McCalpin family vacation without copious amounts of card games.

This is my cute mom. We went to the local miniature golf course, and well, it was local. Each hole seemed designed to do to opposite of guide your ball into the hole, but it was a good laugh.

The town's old schoolhouse with dreamy windows.

I wanted to take this map home with me.

Jason asleep in an antique store (story of our life).

No summer post is complete without a campfire. Done.

My grandma and David each had their very first s'more, ever. It was an important night for all of us.

Just so cozy!

My hair grew 3 sizes. Thank you, lake breeze.

And of course, me and Suzy. She's my mom, in case you didn't notice the genetic resemblance.

Hey McCalpins, let's do this again in 2014! Might I suggest Hawaii? ;)


  1. I love it! I want to vacation someone cozy like this! And Jason's face when he is holding the fish is priceless!

  2. Love this post! It certainly warmed my soul on this cold day. :) And I'm swooning over your photography...I could seriously look at it all day!