Sunday, October 20, 2013

Covered Bridges and John Wayne

Last weekend my friend Kristina and I ventured west to Madison County for the Covered Bridge Festival. Winterset, Iowa has a lotta Hollywood for such a tiny town: it is where John Wayne spent his childhood and is also the central theme of the movie, Bridges of Madison County. The festival was quaint and it was nice to get back into the country.

We stopped in the courthouse to see when the next tour was. The local volunteers inside were just the kind of people you'd hope to find in a small town and they could turn anything into a conversation. The lady gave the tour as Susan B. Anthony and, well gosh, I don't think about Ms. Anthony often, but it pumped my heart with pride for the pioneering women who fought for rights that (after all these years) profoundly affect my life today.

There was a pen with Alpacas. Better than TV, folks. Look up a video of an alpaca lying down. You won't regret it.

We saw a sign for Clark Tower. We thought we could just walk up the path and it'd be around the corner. A mile later, we found the tower. Not quite the walk we planned on, but how could we complain when it was so beautiful?

A love note from nature.

The view from the tower was perfect.

Of course we had to swing by John's house. Picturing a baby Johnny running around here is just all sorts of adorable, no?

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