Monday, October 7, 2013

A weekend fall getaway

We got away for an overnight trip last weekend and it was just so lovely. It felt like the scene from Ferris Bueller where a car of friends picked me up from work and whisked me off. Oh how we needed this trip. We all did, and we came back with hearts full and minds fresh.

We went with friends Brennan and Kristina to Brennan's parents' house in Northfield, MN. It was quaint and charming – the very way a small town should be. We ate a LOT of food, rode dirt bikes/4-wheelers, shot guns at skillets, tried our first apple orchard donuts, had an afternoon walk, learned a new game (TriBond), swung on the backyard swings, used a trebuchet to launch rocks into a cornfield, and most importantly, picked apples. So many apples.

This is not boosted with a red filter! These apples were straight out of Snow White.

Brennan and Kristina

Lew and Cindy

Sally and Simon

My friend Bridgette gave me a good ol' Midwest education on these donuts. Folks. Word are not necessary here. APPLE ORCHARD DONUTS is enough.

I could get used to farmer Jason if he looked like this everyday.

St. Olaf college, aka Hogwarts.

This week it's finally chilly out, which truly means Fall is here. Fall is here!!!