Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lars and Theo have an adventure

Lars and Theo, the dynamic feline duo, got to spend some time outside under the great blue sky. Lars scouted the parameter of the yard; Theo chased butterflies in the grass.

And then. Theo spotted another. He was huge and covered in shaggy, dark fur. He was in the next yard and he was staring right at Theo. Theo arched, puffed, and stood his ground. The great expanse of fluffy grass with bugs and smells and joy was his and he was not going to let some brute beast (presumably with terrible breath) intrude.

Theo and the big beast bristled and stared. When the beast could wait no longer, he bounded towards the small orange cat. Theo, full of instinct and thrill, suddenly found himself in a precarious new situation.
It all happened so fast. He was stretched and uncomfortable, but he was safe.

Lars didn't want to take his chances on the ground either and quickly followed suit, finding shelter nearby.

The beast's human came outside and apologized. We quickly dismissed the apologies, chuckling at the predicament. The boys cried while we waved and snapped pictures. The first time chased up a tree by a dog deserves to be documented, of course.

When the offending threat was back inside, Lars was the first to head south.

Theo needed some more coaxing.

And then, just like that, both boys were back on the ground and the area was reclaimed.

All without a firetruck ladder and daring rescue. We'll save that for another adventure.


  1. Haha aww poor guys!! This could not be more hilarious. I love that you got pictures!!

  2. I love all these kittens in trees pictures! Did you have to call the fire department to get them down when they got stuck?


    New Post!

  3. ^ The above comment clearly didn't read your post, and is annoyingly advertizing her own crap.
    Cute cats, btw.