Thursday, May 23, 2013

confessions of a bookworm

I haven't been writing much. I guess I needed to clear some space in my head and let others do the talking for a while, as evidenced below.

Oh heyyyy excessive YA novels. Let's just say I have been curled up many a'night on the couch in the last two months. Don't worry, I didn't read all of these in two months. Just eight of them. Yeahhh.

It started with my flight to New York in March. I needed a book to read so I grabbed Divergent on a whim from Target. I know that these dystopian novels are just "so trendy right now" (please read in a snooty voice) but I am fully on board with this trend, hook line and sinker. It started with the Uglies series when I was in high school. Then along came Hunger Games (OBVI), the Matched series, and Enders Game (one of the original dystopian novels that they are now likely ruining with a blockbuster movie).

Once I read Divergent, I got myself a library card because why buy books when I can get them for free, yo? As much as I love my full bookcase, I hate the thought of collecting all these books to only read them once or twice. My library card is now has a special place in the front pocket of my wallet along with my driver's licence and debit card. The privilege!

I think my library card definitely fueled my obsession. All of sudden, I could check out three books at once and greedily devour them... for free.

My feast:

1 >>> Divergent and Insurgent by Veronica Roth. ***
Honestly, the plot is kind of cheesy and I could never get past that. The utopian society was too stereotyped and I never felt completely absorbed in the story. Nevertheless, a fast plot and decent characters. The 2nd book got better and I will probably still read the 3rd when it comes out.

2 >>> Pulse by Patrick Carman. ***
This was the only book I hadn't found on Amazon first and saved to my list so I had no expectations. The plot took much too long to get to the point, but the ending has some good surprises. Not sure if I will follow along with this series or not.

3 >>> Enclave and Outpost by Ann Aguirre *****
You guyssss. If you read any of these books, PLEASE MAKE IT THIS SERIES. I have begging and pleading with my all of my friends and acquaintances and anyone around me who breathes to read this. Bethany told me yesterday she started Enclave and it brought me so much joy that I wished she lived closer so I could make her some cupcakes. Did I just promise cupcakes to anyone who reads this? Yes, I think so. The plot is so, so good and I fell madly in love with the characters (and perfect after my recent NY trip!). I would wake up in the morning and think about them. Miss them when I wasn't reading. Cry and laugh and tremble in fear with them. THAT is a good book. When I finished these two books I couldn't start reading again for a couple weeks because I wanted to savor the story and starting another book felt like cheating on Deuce and Fade and Stalker. I didn't title this post confessions of a bookworm for nothing, ya know.

4 >>> The Fault of Our Stars by John Green *****
When I started getting the itch to read again after Outpost but still couldn't bear to start another dystopian novel, I read this one. It's a modern day love story, mixed together with adolescence and cancer. Since I said cancer, no one is going to be surprised when I say keep a box of tissues nearby. I think I cried through the entire last third of the book, covering my face with the book so Jason wouldn't ask what was wrong. It's poignant and funny and beautiful. Read it.

5 >>> Under the Never Sky and Through the Ever Night by Veronica Rossi ****
When I was finally ready to get back into a wrecked Utopia survival story, I read these two. Partly because Under the Never Sky was about to expire from the library and I had already renewed it once and felt bad about all the other preteens on the waiting list. Look, you will get side eyes from the elderly librarian lady who checks your book out when you get this. Yes, ma'am, I am nearly 25 years old but reading a book whose cover is a handsome young man with a partially un-buttoned shirt in front of dramatic swirls of light (who by the way looks nothingggg like how I imagined Perry). Once you get past the cheesy covers, this series is really good! Not five star because I never felt the amount of emotion I did from Ms. Auirre's books, but the plot is fast, unique, and interesting. And the characters are pretty great.

6 >>> Next up on my list: Daughters of Smoke and Bone, Reached, and Delirium. Do you have any good books to share? I would love nothing more.


  1. Oh, we have a library fairly close and I can't wait for the kids to get out for summer break to start going again. I haven't read a thing lately... must read... must write!

  2. I love posts like these and just wish I had more time to read!!! I am in the middle of Reached. It's pretty good so far, but I am going to have to check some of these out!

  3. You're the second person I know who recommended The Fault in Our Stars. I'm gonna have to add it to my library holds now. :)