Tuesday, March 5, 2013

These streets will make you feel brand new

What's even more annoying than a blog post about someone's vacation? A post about how excited someone is for their upcoming vacation! Let's do this.

And for the record, I love vacation posts. Others and my own. Multiple ones even; remember when I wrote not one, not two, not three not four, but FIVE blog posts about my Christmas in St. Louis?! And I wrote four about Chicago. Looking back, was this many posts and pictures needed? Probably not. Will this many posts be needed for my next trip? Yes. A wholehearted yes.


I am not even going to apologize for using four exclamation points because hellooooo. H-e-l-l-o.

It is a city I have always dreamed of visiting. One of those bucket list vacations that always seemed like one day it would happen but also that it really would never happen.

And then a wonderful thing happened. My dear friend Thomas, in pursuit of his dreams, landed a fancy big boy job (at Lucky magazine, nbd) in NYC.

This is Thomas, because this pictures needs to be on the internet as much as possible.

And then, my wonderful friend Marisa, seen here in dramatic Elizabeth Bennett style (coined by the clever brain of Thomas – also I promise I will post one of her face, but I really like this one):

read my mind and declared a NY trip. Done. All in. So. There.

Jason was able to work things out nearly perfectly so that he could fly to Washington, DC for a class trip the same day Marisa and I fly to NY and then he will meet us two days later (after a delightful and oh-so-classy trip on a greyhound bus) and spend the rest of spring break in NYC.

The four of us spent last spring break together in California, and I'm just so darn excited to take the East Coast with these folks this year!

Also, planning a trip to the country's biggest city is um, a little hard.

So many choices! So many exciting and wonderful things to experience! If you have been to New York and you are reading this now, please tell me what to do. Every detail, step by step. I will love you forever.

#NY13, I'm so ready for you (after I spend a week of dramatically procrastinating packing and then going into full-on panic mode in a furious flurry of packing the night before). Whew.


  1. " I wanna wake up in a city that never sleeeeps. Find that I'm king of the hill, top of the heap. It's up to you... new york... newwww yoooorkkkkk!"

    Sorry I had to. It immeaditly came to my mind when you said new york. Anyways! i so wanna go there sometime!

  2. Oh my gosh have SO much fun!! I love New York, and you're right there is so much to do. No matter how many times I've been I'm not sure I can make a decent recommendation... but Toloache is yummy and close to midtown if you're planning to see a show... and you can't miss the Brooklyn Flea. High Line Park is a lot of fun too. :) SO MUCH!

  3. I went there last May. I am obsessed. I AM OBSESSED. You need to go to the secret burger joint. Delicious. We will discuss.

  4. I am trying to plan a New York trip for the fall but I'm not sure if I'll have the money to make it work. I am excited to read your many vacation recaps!