Monday, November 26, 2012

Come at us, winter

We are ready for you. Thermal underwear and all.

Yes, I do believe this is the most awkward picture we've ever taken. And yes, you better believe I made sure you can't click and enlarge it cause there's no way you need to see more than this.

Also, my frame wall is waaaaay under construction. Pretend like that's not happening.


  1. I just posted you a long, awesome comment, and clicked publish, and it's gone! Erm... I'm afraid to try to write it again because it may be a glitch and show up. I'll wait a bit and see. :D

    Is this the weirdest comment ever? Or at least most awkward? I feel like it's up there.

  2. hahaha oh my goodness. I just love you Buttkiss! Good luck to you through the winter, I think last yr I wore leggings to work everyday through the entire winter but I can't say I ever took a pic :) Love you and miss you!!

  3. HA OMG I love this SO much. I'm so glad to be back for your updates!

  4. also, what the....i have the exact same bicycle on my wall as you!! hobby lobby??