Monday, October 29, 2012

St. Louie

We had a quick getaway to St. Louis (one of my favorite cities on Earth) for my uncle's wedding. My mother has 5 brothers and he is the first to get married (crazy boys)! I am THRILLED to finally have an aunt, and she's the most amazing woman.

I'm still trying to figure out the balance between my iphone camera and my dslr. And well, I did a pretty terrible job this weekend. I hardly got any good photos on my slr and now it's bumming me out. And I really didn't take enough photos in general. Double bummer.

Anyway, the church where the ceremony was held was right on the Arch grounds. So wonderful! It was built in 1845 so there have been many joyous occasions within those walls.

My dad + a suit and tie only happens once every couple years so it's worth taking a picture of.

Don't mind the squinting, it was rather bright. But goodness gracious do I love that giant sleek piece of stainless steel.

Jason's shoes have brought a lot of happiness into our household.

The happy couple. Isn't my AUNT Doris glowing? Also, I realized this weekend my uncle looks like Buster Bluth. BEST REALIZATION EVER!

My mom was a bridesmaid for the first time in her life!! It was adorable, even if we mostly got to see her back during the ceremony. And bless her heart for kneeling during the large majority of the ceremony. Ouch!

I didn't take many pictures of family, but I just so happened to take a picture of a squirrel?! It baffles me also, but look at him with that acorn!

It was freezing, but I really can't complain because my mom had to take pictures for hours sans any coat while the rest of us went to my grandparents' and ate gourmet finger foods.

We really had a great weekend, and it's so nice to be closer to so much family now that we've moved. We're all still in shock that we're all in the same time zone now, but it's the good kind of shock!

On our drive to St. Louis, we saw a sign that said American Gothic house. We had no idea that it even existed, so we were bound and determined to stop on the way back. It was amazing!!!! One of the best tourist attractions I've ever been to.

The house is in this tiny, unassuming town of Eldon, Iowa. There is a visitor's center right next to the house, and the sweetest ladies were working there. They had costumes and props in a variety of sizes, and they suited us up and went outside with us to take pictures. Wouldn't that be a fun job?!

So legendary, and even better that we just happened upon it! I highly recommend it to anyone passing through the area. It was one of the highlights of our trip, and perfectly broke up the monotony of the 6-hour drive.

Fun fact: American Gothic is the second most parodied piece of art ever. (Mona Lisa is the first.)


  1. I love this! Your mom looks so pretty!! Well, you all do. I'm so jealous of all the neat places you get to see! I cant believe you saw the actual house from the painting! And I'm a little sad Jason didn't fully commit to the wardrobe. I mean he still has hair... :D ha!

  2. oh those brown shoes are so very lovely. i mean manly. manlove. now i sound inappropriate.

    1. Katie, I love you. You make me laugh multiple times a week, via the internet. And it makes me happy to see that you read my bff-since-the-5th-grade's blog.

  3. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!!! That house exists??!!! I must go there one of these days. That pic of you guys is too great. (I can't believe they even have costumes there.) Fun fact about the parodied paintings too!

    I've only had a flight layover in St. Louis. I'd really love to check out the city though. Can't you ride up in the arch?

  4. I can't believe that house exists!!! I'm thinking of road tripping to Iowa now. You are rocking the American Gothic face. Well done!

  5. !!!!! Okay I was already freaking out that your uncle totally DOES look like Buster Bluth, but that house takes the cake. AMAZING.

  6. That parody portrait is priceless! That is totally cool and thanks for the fun fact! I didn't know that!

    Congrats to your Mom!

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  7. Your parents are adorable!! How I miss them... but not as much as I miss you! You guys will have to give me and Tyler lessons on how to be such sharp dressers all the time! Also, I love that picture of you in front of the arch. Your hair is gorgeous and I wish I was close enough to play with it... I love you!