Saturday, October 20, 2012



I am still alive! Pinky promise. It has been so long since I have blogged! I have written this post over and over in my head but just haven't sat down to write it.

I needed some time to get my life in order and readjust but hopefully now I will be able to blog more  as I miss reflecting and sharing the little tidbits of life.

Remember this post?

Well, a lot of my absence on the interwebs had to do with a change in seasons, if I may.

Just as nature began embracing fall and tinting the leaves in new, delightful colors; my employment forecast changed. Within a matter of a few days, I had landed two jobs. Both are part-time jobs (not exactly what I was looking for), but I feel very blessed at how things worked out.

Coming from Arizona, seasons were vague and not entirely substantial in my mind. Now I am experiencing my first true, midwest fall and it's perfect timing. I am reminded that each season in life is temporary. There is always a new season on the horizon and ultimately, God is in control. "This too shall pass."

One of my jobs is a temporary 3-month job, so I will be in a new season all over again very soon. And that's okay. I still am so very far from having my life figured out (news flash to all of none of you who thought I had) but I have learned a lot about myself in this process. I have a better idea now of what I do want in a job and what I am capable of. This is big!

Both of my jobs are in the field of design. Some aspects are hard and have created problems of their own (funny how that works, huh?), while some aspects remind me of how much I love what I do and how amazing it is that I found such a fitting career. And that people actually want to pay me for something I love doing? Still sinking in.

I will talk more about my jobs but for now, I'll leave this a nice lil update. I'm alive and working and learning new things every day.

Alright, alright, the other reason for my absence on here is because the mister and I made a huge upgrade... from the dinkiest phones you ever did see, to iPhones. Yes, we took the plunge and most likely will never look back. This also means we spent a few nights together playing Words With Friends and Draw Something back and forth. All. Night. Yeah, I'm fessing up. And no, it's not going to happen again cause we have limits now people!

While I'm on that note, I might as well shamelessly plug instagram. Obvi I had to join, so check me out @emilynlunt! I'm on the prowl for awesome people to follow!

I will leave you with the colors of fall. Des Moines has been killing it in that regard.


  1. YAY for a job, or 2! I really thought that was the reason you went MIA. Oh fall... must be nice!! And I'm excited you have iphones now. Ill have to face time you from Paul's phone sometime!! :)

  2. Hooray for jobs! So glad you found something!

  3. Here's to a new season and new jobs! :)

  4. !! This is such great news, congratulations! And so glad you're back! :)

  5. You make beautiful pictures!
    I love :)

    If you follow me, I said, I'm back