Monday, September 10, 2012


In happier news, we got a kitten. Who happens to be the cutest kitten on the block.

His name is Theo and we adore him.

He has the brightest blue eyes and the spunkiest personality.

Taking pictures of kittens is HARD. Theo always is a blur of constant motion in my lens. But sleeping pictures I can do. He's just so fuzzy and perfect.

Crotch pictures happen when a cute kitten is involved.

As for hows Lars is doing? I had about a day where I wondered if maybe we had made a mistake. What if we ruined this good thing we had going, and now Lars will hate us forever?! Lars was not happy at first. He was on edge all the time, would hardly let us pet him, and was NOT a fan of that little bundle of orange fluff.

But now? It's the best toy he's ever gotten.

Lars is such a mischievous rascal, but now he has something to distract him from naughtier pursuits. The two are constantly wrestling and chasing each around across the house. I hardly scold Lars anymore. THIS is a miracle. 

And seeing this?

(Okay, okay maybe we had to encourage it a little bit) But still adorable!


  1. Oh, he is so lovely! And the spooning photo!! Do you think his eyes will stay blue?

    1. I'm kinda thinking they'll stay blue since he's 8 weeks old now, but time will tell!

  2. Oh. My. Gosh. Adorable overload. I love this. :) Congrats on your new little cutie!

  3. First of all, WHERE did you get your couch. I absolutely love it. If you ever get a new one and need to sell this one let me know! hahaha! ok and that kitten is pure adorable. I have been wanting a kitten for ages and ages. so cute I could scream!

    The House of Shoes

  4. oh my goodness what a cutie! love that last photo, makes me want to get 2 cats asap :)

  5. KITTY! I love him. I'm glad Lars likes him, too. :)

  6. i'm not a huge cat lover, but oh gosh, what a cutie!!!
    xo TJ

  7. oh my GOSH!!!!!!!!! im in love.

  8. can't handle that kitten. can't handle your couch. that's all.

  9. Awe! Your new baby is adorable!! It will be good for Lars to have a sibling. :)