Thursday, September 20, 2012

The state fair

Another round of photos that happened, ohh, a month ago now?

We went to the Iowa State Fair! Obviously it was something we had to see because we are new in town. And according to Iowa Girl Eats, the fair was listed in the top 1000 places to see before you die book. So I saw that and maybe my expectations were too high?

Cause well, it was a fair. I hate to sound like a pessimist, but I think once you see one fair, you have seen them all. People had been raving about the food at the fair. Again, high expectations. Unfortunately the food was about one step up from the gas station. Sure it was fried, and I have enjoyed my share of fried food, but mehhh.

So all in all, it was a fair. Nothing amazing, but still a fun sight to see. Like the GIANT veggies.  

Just a squash taller than my husband, nbd.

And so much corn. So much.

Now this is one of the parts of the fair that is particularly famous. People wait in a line just to see the butter carvings. Sculptures made entirely of butter. Now, I have made it known that I am a butter advocate, but this is just out of my league. The sevens dwarves, all in butter.

Ad what are the dwarves without Snow White. The pictures are terrible,  I know.

The butter cow. Literally.

With veins on its udder. Obvi.

I think the cutest thing at the fair was this skyride that would take you around the whole park. Too bad we spent all our money on mediocre fried food.

The best part of the fair was by far, Dia Frampton! I had heard of her before The Voice, fell in love with her during the show, and then got to see her in person!! While we waited, we took a picture. And a mother did her daughter's hair.

She was adorable and has a beautiful live voice. Loved it! Check out her song, Don't Kick the Chair. It's so catchy you'll be singing it for a week straight.

And that wraps up our first Iowa State Fair. Rocky beginnings but a good, good ending.

Also, a very happy birthday to my dad who is my most faithful blog reader, and to my nephew Hayden is 4 years old today. Two of the coolest guys in my life!


  1. So many people have been going to state fairs lately. It has me wishing we had done this while the weather was still nice. Amazing pictures! And those veggies are ridiculous!!!!
    xo TJ

  2. oh man those butter sculptures are awesome!! Thanks for mentioning hayden!! And thanks for the texts!!

  3. i felt the same EXACT way the first time we went to the iowa state fair (probably 5 years ago). well, over the years we kept going back, and it has been something we have come to love! i kind of hate that i love it, because it costs like $80, but i do. maybe it will grow on you, too? :)