Sunday, September 23, 2012

The man, the myth, the science guy


Guys. I got to see Bill Nye the Science Guy this weekend!

He gave a lecture at Iowa State University, which is about 45 minutes north of us. We drove up there on Friday evening. The lines before the door opened were stretching out in every direction around the building. People were wearing lab coats and goggles, and the guys standing in line behind us were making signs professing their nerdy love for him.

When they finally opened the doors, it was madness. People were running to get to their seats and everybody was swarming the hallways. We ended up on the 3rd level but we really couldn't complain because it was BILL NYE!!! He walked out in a signature bow tie and the crowd went crazy. Some guys on the first level stripped off their shirts and their chests/backs spelled out SCIENCE. The energy was awesome, and Bill handled it like a seasoned pro.

That's the best picture I have... thanks to Jason's [crappy] cellphone. Bill was showing us a picture of him with a sun dial that was afterwards sent to live on Mars.

It was such a circular moment in life for me. Here I felt like this man was a part of my childhood and I grew up learning from him. Now, I'm an adult and listening to him in the flesh, speaking about time and energy and Earth and space. It was just an awesome moment. At the end, he opened it up for questions and so many students shared how he was the reason they decided to pursue a career in science. I knew that I had always loved him, but it was rather astounding to see how many people he really did impact.

I could go on and on. His lecture was elegant and full of knowledge and most of it didn't feel over my head because he explained it in typical Science Guy fashion. It's incredibly inspiring to see someone with so much passion and it was a reminder of how important that passion is in life.

I still can't believe it. Bill Nye. Weren't the 90s just so great?


  1. This is AMAZING. I would love to see Bill Nye!!

  2. Wow Bill brings back so many memories. I would have killed to see Bill Nye in real life back in 3rd grade... I actually would kill to see him today! What a cool experience :)

  3. ahhh!! it was always the best day ever in a science class when the teacher rolled out the TV. WE'RE GETTING BILL NYE!

  4. Aw, oh Bill Nye. He actually dated my seventh grade science teacher back in the day. Too funny!
    xo TJ

  5. Happy Friday! I nominated you for a little award on the blog today, but no obligation, I'm just passing on the love. ;)

  6. That is so cool! :) I love that he stuck with the bow tie, haha!

  7. omg i used to love him~


  8. Okay I am sooo incredibly jealous! And I love your blog :)