Monday, August 27, 2012

Thrifting adventures

Goodwill was so good to me on my last visit. One pleasant surprise about Iowa is how much cheaper the thrift stores are. A different thrift store was selling all clothing for 10 cents a piece! But along with cheaper prices, they are twice as scary. Items piled on the floor everywhere with claustrophobia-inducing narrow aisles. At Goodwill, the skirts were somewhat organized by color... but the blouses. I just couldn't brave it this time. Aisles and aisles of t-shirts, tops, blouses, and sweaters. Sometimes separated by type, but the shear volume and chaos is just too much for me. Someday I will work up the courage.

Thrift stores are the best for buying skirts. It's so much easier to find skirts that hit at the knee, and there's an abundance of classic a-lines. Did I mention they're cheap?
Bonus points if you can find the Lars hairs.

Little rascal thought I set up the skirts so he could take a bath on them. It's kind of embarrassing how many times I kicked him out but then he would sneak back in because our door doesn't close properly. He would immediately position himself on the skirts. I have maybe 3 pictures of skirts, and 10 with skirts + kitty.

I got the shirt on the left for Jason. He calls it too old-manish and bright-colored, I call it vintage. And the shirt on the right I managed to grab out of the shirt aisle before I had to dash out in terror. I'm hoping to layer this shirt under some sweaters. Did you hear that Arizona? Layering a shirt AND a sweater - what?

I also found these dainty little cups. Did I need them? No. But they had dandelions. (You can imagine how well this reasoning went over with my husband)

I also got some frames for a new frame collage in the living room as well as a nice woven basket/trash can. I'm getting better at this thrifting business, I am!


  1. Wow! 10 cents per clothing item?! That's so cheap... my local Goodwill charges 3-7 bucks for clothes.
    And I love your finds!

  2. aksdjhasjkdfh... that blouse! That black and white striped blouse! That is the sort of thing that is worth 10 frustrating, fruitless thrifting trips, because finding something that gorgeous and classy for so inexpensive is such an awesome thrill! I love all of your treasures, especially your kitty! Mine does that too. I took out a stack of patterned paper yesterday to make things out of it, and I had turned my head no less than 8.23 seconds and my cat and perched herself defiantly on the stack. ...cats.

  3. i seriously have the WORST luck thrifing! but it looks like you really hit the jackpot!

  4. funny he said he didn't like that shirt, cause I looked at it before I read it, and I thought oh that will look good on Jason! HAHA!!!

  5. Ugh I love thrifting so much, and it has been waaay too long for me. I need to go right now. :)

  6. oh don't you worry, i am just plain obsessed with Goodwill. I LOVE THRIFTING. if you want good dresses and willing to drop a little more (say $15-20) on vintage goods, there's a place called Butter Toast Boutique in downtown Phoenix. it never fails me in the skirt/dress department. Goodwill is definitely my normal go-to, though...and the blouse aisle also intimidates me. haha

    1. I've never been to Butter Toast but I would love to someday! Another one I really wanted to go but didn't make it before I moved is Eclectic Monkey Emporium in downtown Mesa. Have you been there? Goodness Arizona has some cool secondhand stores.

  7. I did some thrifting this weekend as well! I stuck to housewares and books though... I really don't have the patience to look through clothes! I'd love to find some treasures, but I've gotta work up the spirit to do so!

    xoxo jess

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