Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The windy [hot, humid] city

More Chicago pictures! Half of these are still from our first day.

We walked along Lake Michigan for a while. It was so lovely! So simple, so classic.

Well, until you got up close, I guess.

Downtown Chicago is a sea of blue and silver.

I have so many vertical pictures. Landscape pictures just don't capture all of those tall buildings.

Now this, I am a bit disappointed about. We tried many times to take a picture with this fridge pic public camera but when I looked through the gallery online, nothing! Ah well, I still enjoyed it. Also, note the magician with a deck of cards in his mouth. Is there anything dirtier than a deck of cards? Gross.
At the end of day one, we went and crashed at our hotel/watched the Olympics earnestly.

The next day, we headed to Navy Pier. Oh look, a pirate boat! I hate to say it, but I was disappointed with the pier. Too touristy for me, and nothing really worthwhile to go see, except maybe the ferris wheel.

It was lovely, I'll give it that.

Unfortunately, we had to wait in line about 15 minutes with no shade and blistering, sweltering heat. Not the best way to get excited about the ride. The views were nice, but (don't be fooled by our smiles) we were already grumpy at this point.

Then we spent at least an hour trying to get to the next museum. Walking, walking, waiting for the bus, and walking some more. More heat and humidity, and we were verrry late to lunch. I learned that food needs to be a priority on vacations to keep our spirits up (okay, really just for me) as I basically started turning green and bulgy-eyed. I was acting more and more irrational/irritable, so thankfully Jason made sure we got food before the museum.

And how refreshing it was! And air-conditioned! Our first Chicago dogs, in Chicago.

After our relief of a lunch, we went back to the Surgical Museum. Jason found Hippocrates, I found a mirror.

Oh, and another one.

The museum was in an older building, so I was more interested in the actual building than the museum. Whoops.

Oh you know, just a human body cross-sectioned into countless pieces. The reflection is bad, sorry, but what you can in the photo is mostly the gentleman's legs. Kinda like pork chops!!

I'm so sorry I said that. Will I ever be able to eat a pork chop again?!


  1. ewww pork chops! lol! props to you for rockin' the keds! represent!

  2. Agh I want to go to Chicago soo bad. Those hot dogs! The architecture! Pretty crazy.

    p.s. thanks so much for the comment on my blog, means a bunch!

  3. the hot dog and fries are calling my name!

  4. ooh this trip looks like so much fun. too bad the fridge pic thing didn't work out :(

    also, you left the sweetest comment on my blog the other day, but I couldn't respond to it because your e-mail address isn't linked to your Blogger profile! you should get on that :)

  5. Oh, so much fun! Mmmmm the hot dogs... that really takes me back to Chicago... who knew a hot dog could be soooo gooood?!! :)

  6. I have always wanted to visit Chicago! These pictures are great and those hot dogs looks so yummy :)

  7. yeah, pork chops have always been questionable to me....in other news, i really like that this post involved a ferris wheel AND french fries. i love both those things. even though every time i get to the top of a ferris wheel, i'm completely terrified.

  8. chicago is beautiful! these images are all so incredible! love!
    xo TJ