Thursday, August 16, 2012

The problem with summer birthdays

( Card from Jason 2 years ago)

Tomorrow is my birthday. I am turning 24.

 And yet, I already feel 24.

This is the problem with summer birthdays. My whole life, I have watched everyone in my class or age group turn 1 year older before me. And being that my birthday is conveniently at the very end of the summer, anyone and everyone has turned that magical next number before me.

This is made even more prominent as my husband is not even 2 months older than me. We are so close that once he has a birthday, I feel like I can also rightfully claim his new age also. And if we're being completely honest, Jason starts telling people about mid-April that he's one year older. I have even more time then to grovel in my adolescence.

And so, with every year I age, it's a bit underwhelming. Every year, it feels like I finally caught up; only to begin all over again in the next month when people start having another birthday.

I have conceded that this is my life. Until I turn 40, I shall be running one giant race of catch-up. And then, finally, I shall settle with a sigh of relief into my age and revel that I, I am young. And not just young, but the youngest.


  1. Haha, totally relate. I grew up being the youngest in my class, year after year. I'm turning 24 in a couple of weeks. :)

  2. P.S. That card is really cute. :)

  3. Aw, I'm a December baby, and I always felt awkward being a few months older than my friends, like I was the old, boring one. It's ok to be a "youth!"

  4. This is beautfiully written.

    I turn 24 in October and I feel the same way.

  5. Aww I sympathize -- I'm not quite as late, mid-June, but I always remember feeling like my friends got to do everything before me. Drive... drink... etc. Happy birthday though!! Hehe, I love your last line... it's good to be young!

  6. i turned 24 back in march. it's definitely an interesting year to celebrate. enjoy every second of it!!
    xo TJ

  7. happy birthday! i'm a january baby, so i can't really relate, but i understand what you mean!

    also, i gave you the leibster award because i enjoy reading your blog! check out my blog for the details.

    xoxo jess

  8. ha you put into words PERFECTLY what I have been feeling all my life as well! lol my bday is the 23rd and I feel like it simply solidifies the age I have been feeling all year. Funny how that happens?!?! You have a great talent of writing...just thought I'd let ya know--its a great talent, far and few! :-)

    Aarean (come on over and follow along if you'd like...its my blog all about color!)

  9. This is adorable. I'm the opposite; I have a September birthday so I was always the very oldest in my class. :)