Thursday, August 9, 2012


Recently I took my hippie-dom and my craigslisting to whole new heights.

Ready for it?

I bought some eggs from a posting I saw on craigslist. Craigslist gives some of my friends the shudders so I can only imagine the mini earthquake they're having right now.

(Lars LOVED them)

If anyone is interested in the reasons, here goes. If you have a hippie radar, it's about to get loud (just warning you). Several months ago I decided to stop buying the most basic of eggs at the supermarket. I no longer could feel good about myself buying eggs from chickens living in atrocious environments with atrocious diets. I no longer wanted to support those unsustainable farming practices and I no longer wanted to eat eggs that were devoid of the nutrition true eggs should have. Ultimately I would like to this with all my food, but eggs was one of the first things to change.

I have bought cage-free eggs since then. They are free of antibiotics and usually are fed a vegetarian diet. They are also more expensive, but that is something I have personally chosen to pay more for.

So why now did I go the craiglist route? Largely in part due to this article on Food Renegade. Even though the cage-free eggs are a step up from the basic eggs, there's a huge chance they still have no access to the outdoors. And the best part? The eggs from my craigslist friend are cheaper than the supermarket "cage-free" eggs. They are only $2 a dozen, whereas many supermarket eggs are $3-5.

I am one happy hippie. I am able to support someone locally, I know the chickens are healthy, and the eggs are full of nutrients.

And in case anyone is curious, I simply searched for "eggs."

Finally, has anyone seen Food, Inc? If not, I heartily recommend it! I saw this video yesterday and couldn't help but share it. Once you start getting into food politics, there aren't many happy updates. But this one made my heart smile.


  1. I, for one, think this is great and not crazy hippie-ish at all (not that there's anything wrong with that!). Eggs are so inexpensive anyway, I think it's worth the egg-stra (sorry) couple bucks to get cruelty-free eggs. Plus I mostly just use them for baking, so I don't buy them so much. In the spring/summer, I get them from a lady at my local farmer's market, and they taste sooo much better. I will have to check craigslist in the winter after the market closes shop! Thanks for the tip.

  2. Thanks for the comment! I love this post! (And your kitty!) I'm gonna have fun blog stalking you now! :)

  3. Oh this makes my little hippie heart go pitter patter. :)

    This is awesome. We eat a ton of eggs, but we also live near a ton of farms... so no need to craigslist here. But I love that you went to that extent! Too cool!

  4. I LOVE this. And I didn't think it was hippie at all.. I think it's just really sweet and smart of people. I think animals lives are totally precious. I think its just the right thing to do to make sure animals are treated humanly. And some people treat them horrible and I never want to support that. So, totally proud of you girl! If you're not going to support the way they treat even those little chickens, then more power to you ;)
    I hope that one day they'll all be able to be happy and roam around and plop out eggs for us. haha

  5. I feel legitimately concerned that if I read that article you linked to, that I will soon be buying eggs online. Oh bless our hippie hearts. AND I LOVE CRAIGSLIST DON'T LET ANYONE EVER TALK YOU OUT OF IT. (...outburst.)

  6. I really like the idea of cage-free eggs. hah, how much were you able to buy these eggs for? I think it's a pretty great idea :) just go with your man when you pick them up!

  7. love this! that movie grossed me out so much. i started buying all the expensive chicken from whole foods.

  8. good job! that is a great price! ours were $2.99 at the store, so i may look into this, or the farmer's market!