Saturday, August 25, 2012

A very white coat

Jason had his white coat ceremony!

My parents came to lend their support. We're so glad they're able to drive down to visit; it was something we have missed since they moved to Wisconsin. (My dad's wearing a bolo. And a plaid shirt. Later on, he took off the bolo and put on some plaid shorts. Plaid on plaid. My dad, the fashionista)

I wish we could have taken these pictures outside, alas, it was raining. All day. My poor, poor hair.

It's awesome to see Jason as a part of a professional ceremony. Sooner than we know it, he'll be walking again but as a doctor! Until then, he's Student Doctor Lunt with one fancy white coat. And already rocking his tests - first one, 96%!!! What?! Just med school, nbd.


  1. Aw, your mom is beautiful; you two look so alike! Congrats to your husband (and you), he already looks like a doctor to me!

  2. YAY Jason!!! Wish we could have been there!

  3. Congrats to the doctor-to-be!! :)