Monday, August 20, 2012


(Obviously this is going to be a good year for me, Jack Bauer has placed a special blessing upon it.)

I have been itching to go camping for ages... like since we got camping gear for our wedding 2 years ago. I am terribly ashamed that our tent sat unused for so long. I wanted to go in AZ but it was difficult to work anything out with our schedules (hospital schedules put a serious cramp on weekend trips). And then Kate had to keep taunting me with amazing camping pictures, hellllooooo! The idea didn't come to me until the morning of my birthday, so I'm incredibly grateful we were able to make our little spontaneous camping trip happen.

It was perfect.

To backtrack a bit, for lunch before we left we ate ribs and zucchini slaw. It was the first ribs I've cooked and I was thrilled. Jason was ready to move to Texas.
(For the record, this was Jason's plate, and yes, his eyes were bigger than his stomach)

We went to Ledges State Park. It was less than an hour away; a quaint forest campground in the middle of corn fields. Everything in Iowa is in the middle of corn fields, you see.

This is possibly the grossest thing I've posted on my blog. We found some millipedes.

Those legs are what nightmares are made of.

To counteract that terror, here's a pretty flower!

The best hotdogs I ever did have.

And yes, we ate them as is, no bun, no toppings, no utensils. Cause we were camping.

The gooiest, messiest marshmallows!

Hot dogs and s'mores again in the morning. Oh yes we did.

Possibly even gooier the second time around.

I will leave you with the life story of our campfire. I miss him.


  1. These pictures are gorgeous!! You guys are too cute :) And that smore looks deeelicious. Definitely craving one now!

  2. Love the campfire gifs! I feel like I am sitting at a campfire right now. :) Don't hot dogs always taste so much better when they are cooked over an open fire? S'mores, too.

  3. I love the moving images :) And those Smores are so gooey, I just love it! :D

    You guys are so cute!

    Erin :)

  4. those smores... im actually salivating. and your photography is gorgeous! looks like such a fun trip!

  5. Aww you guys, I love camping SO much. This makes me look forward to the trip we're planning next weekend even more! It looks like it was an amazing time!

  6. camping! i wanted to go camping all summer but it never happened! i'm glad you guys got to have an adventure :)

    xoxo jess

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  7. i really love your gifs and photos! so cute! i bet that was just a blast for you two!
    check out my blog sometime?

  8. Aside from the millipedes, great photos! I love camping too :)

  9. S'Mores! I love them so!
    And my husband would be so jealous of the plate of ribs! :)

  10. My husband and I just went camping for our honeymoon! Wah! Isn't it just the best?

    We had the same roasting sticks, but we did not double up our marshmallows (that's a freaking genius idea I will bank for next time).

  11. great shots, thanks for sharing!

  12. i think the last time i went camping i was 8, so you still have me beat! but jesus christ i'd go for just the food if i could. those ribs and sausages and s'mores look sooooo good

  13. You guys are too cute! I'm glad you had a fun birthday! P.S. Those s'mores look delicious!!