Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The mechanic gene

When we were in Thatcher in June, Jason and his dad replaced the brake caliper in Jason's car. Since I have no business working with them (I don't even know what a caliper is), I took pictures instead.

Jason and his dad spent many hours together a few years ago when they completely replaced the engine in Jason's car. Their relationship had been a little rocky before this, and through the process, they were able to repair more than the engine.

It's been a blessing to have a father in-law mechanic who can teach my husband the ins and outs of car repair. We've certainly saved a lot of money thanks to these two men.

Jason's dad married Sharon around Christmas. We're so glad she's in the family now! She is a kind, kind woman who can still laugh at herself. Essentially, my favorite kind of person. Even better, she has made Jason's dad a very happy man. He lights up when she's in the room. They just laugh and laugh together while Jason and I roll our eyes together at the newlyweds.

While the boys worked on the car, Sharon and I sat under the big pecan tree. The same pecan tree Jason's grandma sat under when she moved to Safford nearly 40 years ago. Sharon and I talked about life as we snacked on pecans and enjoyed the shade of the trees weighty branches. Una the dog dutifully stayed by Sharon's side.

They are adorable. Enough said.


  1. i love all the black and white shots. that last one is more than precious!!
    xo TJ

  2. its so sweet how little pesky tasks can turn into some family bonding :)

  3. Ha ha! I can totally relate. My husband is a car guru. He just rolls his eyes when I tell him... 'the thing-a-ma-bob on my car isn't working'. Just FYI, that's girl for 'caliper'... lol! ;)

  4. Amazing photos! & I love your simple blog layout. :)

  5. My boyfriend is car crazy and I agree I also have nooo business hanging out when he's working away with his dad. I'm grateful he can fix it himself but sometimes it feels like it takes forever!

  6. haha couldn't even tell you what a caliper is either. oh well. That's so great that their relationship grew while fixing a car! And the story of that Pecan tree is really great, thanks for sharing!