Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Arizona --> Iowa

And finally, a moving post.

We kissed Arizona goodbye a week ago today and began the long journey to Iowa. It's been a hard two weeks. So terribly hard to say goodbye to friends. I still cry when I think about it. While it makes my heart ache, I felt so much love in those last days in Arizona. People were so gracious, generous, and kind. The worst part was realizing just how many wonderful people we have in our life, and then to pick up and leave all of that.

Starting over is hard. I don't want to be ungrateful, because I really do have so much in my life. But this is all so new to me: this adjustment period. I've never had a change quite like this. But that's life, isn't it?

I also didn't realize how homesick I would be. Who knew I would miss Arizona so much? It makes sense though, since I've lived there all my life. I could talk all day about the things I miss. So many faces appear in my mind immediately. I miss the people the most. And as simple as it was, I miss my routine. The stores I went to, the roads I took (I could have a whole conversation on roads! the roads are so narrow and winding here. I miss my big, wide roads. And the grid! Oh the grid), the layout of the grocery store, the restaurants we frequented, the food arrangement in my kitchen, the AC in our apartment. I even miss the look of Arizona. All the new buildings in Phoenix! Nothing was older than 50-60 years. So much of Des Moines is old. Sure it has more character, but it's just different.

 I miss feeling settled. Feeling at home, comfortable, knowledgeable. Nearly everywhere we go, we have to look up an address first and rely on the gps. And then we still get lost, or the gps takes us on the strangest, nonsensical route.

That has been enough negativity for one post right? I have had good days and bad days, so I'm just praying for more and more good days. And I know it will come, because I have faith. Faith that God brought us here and faith that we will guide us during our stay.

Not all is bad. I do like a lot of things about Des Moines, I really do. I love the old houses. I could hug them all. So many old brick houses, and three story white houses with wrap-around porches. Every house is different and it is refreshing. And it's so green! One of my favorite parts of the city is the downtown area. We're just a few miles away, and it has a lot of cool places. I've been in a bit of shock so I haven't been taking my camera around but you will see pictures soon. The downtown is also so un-crowded. You don't have white knuckles from gripping the steering wheel when driving through it. And!! So many antiques and old stuff EVERYWHERE. And so much more affordable than Phoenix antiques. I'm in a good places my friends. Be on the lookout for some of our finds, coming soon!

Yesterday was one of the bad days. But at the end of the day, I got myself a happy cactus and promised to make the next day a better one. Now I have a reminder of what I miss but also the brighter outlook I want to have.


  1. Oh emily my heart aches when I read this! But i know you're strong and it will be okay! And you are entitled to a sad day! Do something creative it always helps the artistic heart :) love you!

  2. Buttkiss- My hearts hurts for you. I only lived in AZ for 2 years and I miss it every single day(mainly for the ppl)-sorry to say that will never go away. I promise thought the first 2 months are the hardest (heard from somewhere and never knew what that meant until I moved to AZ) What I found helped a tiny bit in those 2 months is getting lost and having fun with it especially while driving-if you have extra time take a different road and just see where it takes you. Welcome to the midwest my friend and remember I'm already planning a road trip to come visit you :) Love you!!!

  3. I'm sorry you're having a hard time! Adjusting to a new place is always hard, but you'll love being in a new area sooner than later. Des Moines sounds like a really beautiful place!

  4. This made me cry. I wish we could be next door neighbors for the rest of our lives... but I guess life just isn't that easy. I like your happy cactus and I hope it brings you lots of cheer... but when that doesn't work, I'm just a skype-session away...