Thursday, June 28, 2012

Two is better than one

We had 2 blissful days together, the 25th for Jason's birthday and the 26th for our 2nd year anniversary (and my mom's birthday! although she's many states away from us).

Jason's birthday was celebrated with fluffy pancakes topped with strawberries, Bob Ross at 9 (quite possibly Jason's favorite show – the mere fact is endlessly amusing to me), lunch at Sacks sandwich shop, Mexican pineapple cake (this time with the 2 cups of flour), and laser tag in the evening with friends capped off with some custard and rootbeer floats at Nielsons.

The next day I was a bit more successful with pictures. We're trying to save some money for the big move, so we didn't go anywhere this year for our anniversary. We didn't have any concrete plans but just enjoyed the day together. That's what I love about us, we can entertain ourselves no matter what we're doing.

We went to St. Francis in Phoenix for lunch. It was incredibly charming and I highly recommend it! The building was awesome and the food was superb. It's my favorite kind of restaurant and I was a happy girl. We sat a couple tables away from an older couple who was celebrating the husband's birthday. They were adorable and I wanted to be friends with them. They had what I look forward to with our relationship in 40+ years.

I got the prosciutto flatbread. Delish.

Jason got the pig dip. The photo isn't centered properly but that's what happens when you have a hungry husband waiting for you to finish.

After our meal, we decided to go into the furniture store next door. It had a neat vintage clothing section and the rest of the store was packed with an abundance of awesome mid century modern furniture. Again, happy girl. This store and St. Francis just reaffirmed that Phoenix is awesome. I forget it sometimes, but there really is some great things to see here; sometimes you just have to look a little harder.

Afterwards we took a stroll through Home Depot and picked out everything for our dream house. Obviously with the most expensive appliances and hardwood floors galore. A lot of Home Depot's style is not my taste, but then Martha Stewart came and classed the joint up. She also designed my dream kitchen. Well, close enough. Lots of natural wood, white, and industrial lights. Yes please.
We debated going to a movie but got a Red Box instead. I had low expectations and was very pleasantly surprised.

Has anyone seen this? I would recommend it if not! The quality was superb (and I don't say that about many movies). Storyline, cinematography, actors, music! Just great, all of it!! Thomas Horn, the little boy in the movie, was crazy good (now let's all pray he doesn't end up like most child actors. huge side eye, Macaulay Culkin). I probably cried straight through the last 30 minutes, but even then, it was a good cry. Enough of the movie, I just was really impressed!

Our celebrations have come to an end and now we begin our 3rd year of marriage. Goodness! I wouldn't want to do it with anyone else. <3


  1. I literally JUST blogged about this movie. So, so good.

    Happy 3 years!

  2. haha yes: "huge side eye, Macaulay Culkin." i want to see this movie, but i didn't read the book yet. did you read the book?

  3. I haven't seen that movie but it looks great. Happy two years!! And happy birthday to Jason! That restaurant looks a.m.a.z.i.n.g

  4. first, these images are just beautiful.
    second, that food looks incredible.
    third, i haven't seen that movie. i'm too afraid that i would spend the whole time crying. it looks amazing though!
    xo TJ

  5. fluffy pancakes are seriously the best. and your photos are makin me quite hungry over here ;)

  6. Aw, happy 2 years and 25th to your man! Mine turns 25 next month! :) Sometimes simple days together are the best!

  7. such a sweet post!
    and i loved that movie, i think i cried a lot too... how could you not?!

  8. You are so pretty :)

    Happy beginning of your 3rd year of marriage :)