Sunday, June 3, 2012

Small town love

My friend Marisa is from St. David, so while she was house sitting Jason and I got to visit her and then make a day trip to the historic Bisbee. Marisa was a gracious host and made an awesome dinner! I need to get that recipe, except it was all in Japanese. (I forsee a problem...)

One time Marisa was trying to tell our friend about her hometown of St. David. She was trying to explain how small it was, and she said it only had a gas station. He then asked, "Does it have a mall?" Ohhh city people, they just don't understand. 

We stopped and peered out at the mine. It was like, really big.

My family had done the mine tour a couple times before, once when the jacket they provide was more like a trench coat on me. It's always nice to revisit places like that.

They took us down into the mine on kind of a sketchy trolley. But that didn't phase my excitement.

And after the tour, we survived!

We did some shopping and exploring downtown. If I ever have to live in a small town again, I hope it's as charming as Bisbee.

We went into this museum and the elderly gentlemen working there was so kind and full of information. It's beautiful and sad, him passing along relics of the past to a generation that doesn't always appreciate it.

At the museum, I found this picture. And I loved it.

It was great trip!

Now to plan our grand canyon trip! Anyone have any tips/suggestions for stops along the way?

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