Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A picnic

Once upon a time, we were still in school. And school-wise, things were heavy. I honestly don't remember where I was in the midst of my projects, I just remember the huge amount of anxiety I was feeling. That feeling where I don't even have time to go to the bathroom because time is precious and I shouldn't waste it on such frivolities.

Jason picked me up from school (I usually rode the bus but he kindly gave me a ride when he could) and I glumly realized we had nothing to eat in our kitchen. And even if we did, I was in no mood to prepare it. Chiptole is conveniently close to campus so we quickly decided to make a pit stop there. But that line better be short because I have things to do, thankyouverymuch.

As we got home, a stroke of inspiration, or was it madness?, hit. Let's have a picnic! As fast as that, my mile-long to do list was out the window and we were spreading a blanket on the grass outside our apartment. It was deliciously freeing as we sat under the trees and watched the clouds pass by. I do believe it's impossible to feel stressed if you're lying in a field of grass cloud-gazing.

He loves it when I take pictures of him eating.

As all things do, our picnic came to an end and we packed up and went back inside. But work came a little easier that night thanks to a blanket, a burrito bowl, and some puffy clouds.

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  1. love your shirt!
    happy to have another blogging friend:)