Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Light and dark

Thanks guys for still reading my blog even after I post pictures of Jason in his skivvies. Or as I like to call them sometimes, manties. Panties for men, it's the new big thing.

First up in my light/dark feature: my legs. It may not show well in a picture, but my legs are awesome these days. I spent 2 days at the pool cause I was babysitting and a pool is kind of the best thing to distract children from being naughty. (I do want to give Lars a shout-out because he is my new babysitting SECRET WEAPON. I had like 10 bajillion activities and projects planned, but really they just wanted to play with the cat. All day long. Bless his little feline heart because he tolerated it like a champ.)

Anyway, I ended up with a nice tan on my thighs... unfortunately the tan ended at my knees so my calves are still white as can be. Really, I just take my trends seriously, and wanted to take color-blocking to whole new dimensions. Right? Right.

Forgive the nasty apartment carpet in our coffee picture (seriously, I have nightmares about that carpet). And why did we have our coffee cups on the carpet?? I can't even tell you but when I saw our cups sitting next to each other I had to laugh. Can I still call what I'm drinking coffee??

Ermm probably not.


  1. well didnt you see ow entertained ayden was wen e played wit Lars!! Sorry keys only works sometimes....

  2. haha :) i often end up with the weirdest combo of tan lines...

  3. Haha - nope, probably not, but whatever works huh?!

    (And at least you get a tan, I´m oh so very pale)

  4. nice legs! haha. But really, they're very tan (my legs are super pasty right now, ew). Babysitting and getting a tan at the same time sounds like a dream!

  5. Also, I got my littler fisheye lens here :