Saturday, June 9, 2012

Craigslist: America's Pastime

How I love Craig and his list. Jason had this old crappy dresser he brought into our marriage. The drawers always stuck, part of the trim fell off, and the laminate was coming off. But the best part: Jason had decided to stain it when we were dating and so he sanded it down and then stained it a dark brown. It did look better except that he forgot to stain the base, so imagine this light, almost white-colored base below the rest of the dresser that's a dark coffee color. In case you're wondering by now, yes, this marvelous piece of furniture is exactly why I fell in love with Jason to begin with.

We (I) tolerated it for about a year and half before we found another dresser on, you guessed it, craigslist. The old dresser sat neglected for a couple months until Jason decided to paint it and try to sell it. He painted it black and let Craig and all his friends know about it. Except he, once again, forgot one little detail.  (I can only joke about him forgetting things because I am much more forgetful than he is)

In the first picture he posted, he forgot to crop out the litter box. The make-shift litter box we threw together for Lars the night we got him. Yes, that's a cardboard box with a torn plastic bag for a lining. Doesn't that make you just fly right to your phone to call about this dresser?

The posting was up for about a month with a couple bites but no one ever came out to look at it. Yesterday I saw him cropping the photo and he posted the dresser again.

Much better, eh?

He put it up around 9pm and someone texted him about it at 10:30pm. This was the first case of a craigslister not following proper etiquette, as that's getting a bit late to make a business inquiry. 

The next morning, Jason's phone rang. It was 5:30am. The gentleman proceeded to call again at 6:30am and every 45 minutes or so after that. Cause obviously, we were more likely to answer the 6th time. He left a voice mail saying his wife saw it and just knew she had to have it.

Jason was waiting on the texter from the night before so he hadn't answered the other guy, when Jason opened one of the drawers and the trim fell off. Again. Oh crap! The trim was giving him a hard time so he had to glue it a few times before it stuck, and he also had to wax the drawer so it wouldn't knock the trim off again. I told him he was like Matilda's dad.  After debating on whether or not we should even sell it, we decided to just be honest with the people. We're not forcing them to buy it and if they don't like it, they can just say no.

Texter hadn't answered and persistent man was still calling so finally Jason decided to call him back. Jason told him the trim had fallen off, but persistent man was unwavering. He and his wife were at a department store where she was trying on clothes so they would swing by when she was done.

This is a man determined to make his woman happy and we were already drawing our own conclusions about the couple. This could either go really well or really awkward and I was looking forward to it.

They arrived about 45 minutes later when his dearest finished shopping. We opened the door to find a shorter, Italian-looking man with spiked hair, brown except for a patch of red on the top. His wife followed him in, a curvy lady with tan skin and long, long bleach blonde hair and lipstick. YES! This is happening and it's awesome.

They bee-lined it straight to the dresser, examined it for 3.0 seconds and then, sold. They opened a drawer or two and were already talking about how to get it in their car. The two were quite the pair, chattering nearly constantly together.

We helped them get to their car, and found out on the way that the guy went to Midwestern, a local med school. They thought it was just perfect that they were able to buy the dresser from a fellow (future) med school student. He shared all his tips and a hearty "good luck." They spent about 5 minutes searching for his keys as he had misplaced them, and then we waved them on their way. He was still looking for his sunglasses but he figured he could handle it without us.

Craig, you have the best kind of friends. And they pay us! Let's keep doing this list thing.


  1. I love it!! I wish this valley had a craigslist!! GRRR

  2. Yay! Glad you sold the dressers :)

    p.s. I love the header of your blog!

  3. i LOVE me some c-list! unfortunately, i am probably one of the people in the bleached-hair-lipstick-camp who gets overly excited about buying and refinishing shabby furniture. does this mean i will marry an eccentric italian doctor?