Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Announcing: custom silhouette portraits!

I've been unemployed while we're making the transition to Des Moines, so I'm grateful for the design projects that have kept me occupied. With that being said, I'd love to do more so I'm excited to announce I'll be doing custom silhouette portraits to anyone who wants to order them!

The first silhouette is $15, and each silhouette after that is $10. This is not the price per page, but the price per silhouette. To clarify, even if you want your family of 6 on one page, the cost will be $15 for the first silhouette and $10 for each of the other 5 silhouettes on the page. You can choose the page size and the colors. For the final design, you will receive the digital file and can print it how you choose. If you do want it printed, contact me for more individualized prices.

To order, email me at emilynlunt(at)gmail(dot)com.

The silhouettes can either be together on one page:

Or on seperate pages:

If you know any friends who might be interested, send them my way! I also do custom work if you have something else in mind, such as a print of a favorite quote or your family's last name.


  1. oo this is so fun! If I ever want a silhouette done I'll definitely keep you in mind :)

  2. Wow these are great! They look amazing.

  3. love it! i am utterly out of wall space (literally) but i will keep this in mind for the future. i love that you're selling your crafty endeavors!

  4. aw, these look perfect!!! adore!
    xo TJ