Thursday, June 28, 2012

Two is better than one

We had 2 blissful days together, the 25th for Jason's birthday and the 26th for our 2nd year anniversary (and my mom's birthday! although she's many states away from us).

Jason's birthday was celebrated with fluffy pancakes topped with strawberries, Bob Ross at 9 (quite possibly Jason's favorite show – the mere fact is endlessly amusing to me), lunch at Sacks sandwich shop, Mexican pineapple cake (this time with the 2 cups of flour), and laser tag in the evening with friends capped off with some custard and rootbeer floats at Nielsons.

The next day I was a bit more successful with pictures. We're trying to save some money for the big move, so we didn't go anywhere this year for our anniversary. We didn't have any concrete plans but just enjoyed the day together. That's what I love about us, we can entertain ourselves no matter what we're doing.

We went to St. Francis in Phoenix for lunch. It was incredibly charming and I highly recommend it! The building was awesome and the food was superb. It's my favorite kind of restaurant and I was a happy girl. We sat a couple tables away from an older couple who was celebrating the husband's birthday. They were adorable and I wanted to be friends with them. They had what I look forward to with our relationship in 40+ years.

I got the prosciutto flatbread. Delish.

Jason got the pig dip. The photo isn't centered properly but that's what happens when you have a hungry husband waiting for you to finish.

After our meal, we decided to go into the furniture store next door. It had a neat vintage clothing section and the rest of the store was packed with an abundance of awesome mid century modern furniture. Again, happy girl. This store and St. Francis just reaffirmed that Phoenix is awesome. I forget it sometimes, but there really is some great things to see here; sometimes you just have to look a little harder.

Afterwards we took a stroll through Home Depot and picked out everything for our dream house. Obviously with the most expensive appliances and hardwood floors galore. A lot of Home Depot's style is not my taste, but then Martha Stewart came and classed the joint up. She also designed my dream kitchen. Well, close enough. Lots of natural wood, white, and industrial lights. Yes please.
We debated going to a movie but got a Red Box instead. I had low expectations and was very pleasantly surprised.

Has anyone seen this? I would recommend it if not! The quality was superb (and I don't say that about many movies). Storyline, cinematography, actors, music! Just great, all of it!! Thomas Horn, the little boy in the movie, was crazy good (now let's all pray he doesn't end up like most child actors. huge side eye, Macaulay Culkin). I probably cried straight through the last 30 minutes, but even then, it was a good cry. Enough of the movie, I just was really impressed!

Our celebrations have come to an end and now we begin our 3rd year of marriage. Goodness! I wouldn't want to do it with anyone else. <3

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A picnic

Once upon a time, we were still in school. And school-wise, things were heavy. I honestly don't remember where I was in the midst of my projects, I just remember the huge amount of anxiety I was feeling. That feeling where I don't even have time to go to the bathroom because time is precious and I shouldn't waste it on such frivolities.

Jason picked me up from school (I usually rode the bus but he kindly gave me a ride when he could) and I glumly realized we had nothing to eat in our kitchen. And even if we did, I was in no mood to prepare it. Chiptole is conveniently close to campus so we quickly decided to make a pit stop there. But that line better be short because I have things to do, thankyouverymuch.

As we got home, a stroke of inspiration, or was it madness?, hit. Let's have a picnic! As fast as that, my mile-long to do list was out the window and we were spreading a blanket on the grass outside our apartment. It was deliciously freeing as we sat under the trees and watched the clouds pass by. I do believe it's impossible to feel stressed if you're lying in a field of grass cloud-gazing.

He loves it when I take pictures of him eating.

As all things do, our picnic came to an end and we packed up and went back inside. But work came a little easier that night thanks to a blanket, a burrito bowl, and some puffy clouds.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday surprise

I bought a quaint little green skirt at a yard sale on Friday. I didn't even try it on, I just heard $1 and I was sold. I took it home and tried it on. It's too big around the waist but I may be able to alter it.

This morning, I tried it on again when I was trying to figure out what to wear to church. All was fine...

until suddenly I felt something between my legs. Something that shouldn't be there if I'm wearing a skirt.

That is a SEAM, ladies and gentlemen. It was quite the shock to me. It's like when you think you know someone, but you really don't know them at all. Well done, extremely wide-legged poofy shorts. Well done.

And some other random photos. Apparently someone else in the family is a Mac lover. (This is what I get for leaving my computer unattended)

I noticed today that this couch (which is quite comfy but rather ugly otherwise) officially has saggy boobs. I really can never look at it the same again.

I bought this pretty pillow on sale at Target. And now I feel like a lady.

Aaaand, because estate sales always get me into trouble.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Tomorrow is my pumpkin's birthday and the next day our anniversary! Celebration time indeed.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Announcing: custom silhouette portraits!

I've been unemployed while we're making the transition to Des Moines, so I'm grateful for the design projects that have kept me occupied. With that being said, I'd love to do more so I'm excited to announce I'll be doing custom silhouette portraits to anyone who wants to order them!

The first silhouette is $15, and each silhouette after that is $10. This is not the price per page, but the price per silhouette. To clarify, even if you want your family of 6 on one page, the cost will be $15 for the first silhouette and $10 for each of the other 5 silhouettes on the page. You can choose the page size and the colors. For the final design, you will receive the digital file and can print it how you choose. If you do want it printed, contact me for more individualized prices.

To order, email me at emilynlunt(at)gmail(dot)com.

The silhouettes can either be together on one page:

Or on seperate pages:

If you know any friends who might be interested, send them my way! I also do custom work if you have something else in mind, such as a print of a favorite quote or your family's last name.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Light and dark

Thanks guys for still reading my blog even after I post pictures of Jason in his skivvies. Or as I like to call them sometimes, manties. Panties for men, it's the new big thing.

First up in my light/dark feature: my legs. It may not show well in a picture, but my legs are awesome these days. I spent 2 days at the pool cause I was babysitting and a pool is kind of the best thing to distract children from being naughty. (I do want to give Lars a shout-out because he is my new babysitting SECRET WEAPON. I had like 10 bajillion activities and projects planned, but really they just wanted to play with the cat. All day long. Bless his little feline heart because he tolerated it like a champ.)

Anyway, I ended up with a nice tan on my thighs... unfortunately the tan ended at my knees so my calves are still white as can be. Really, I just take my trends seriously, and wanted to take color-blocking to whole new dimensions. Right? Right.

Forgive the nasty apartment carpet in our coffee picture (seriously, I have nightmares about that carpet). And why did we have our coffee cups on the carpet?? I can't even tell you but when I saw our cups sitting next to each other I had to laugh. Can I still call what I'm drinking coffee??

Ermm probably not.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Helloooo neighbors!

Yesterday morning I found my husband on our porch. In just his underwear.

Somebody just got a new grill and apparently was a little too excited to use it.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Craigslist: America's Pastime

How I love Craig and his list. Jason had this old crappy dresser he brought into our marriage. The drawers always stuck, part of the trim fell off, and the laminate was coming off. But the best part: Jason had decided to stain it when we were dating and so he sanded it down and then stained it a dark brown. It did look better except that he forgot to stain the base, so imagine this light, almost white-colored base below the rest of the dresser that's a dark coffee color. In case you're wondering by now, yes, this marvelous piece of furniture is exactly why I fell in love with Jason to begin with.

We (I) tolerated it for about a year and half before we found another dresser on, you guessed it, craigslist. The old dresser sat neglected for a couple months until Jason decided to paint it and try to sell it. He painted it black and let Craig and all his friends know about it. Except he, once again, forgot one little detail.  (I can only joke about him forgetting things because I am much more forgetful than he is)

In the first picture he posted, he forgot to crop out the litter box. The make-shift litter box we threw together for Lars the night we got him. Yes, that's a cardboard box with a torn plastic bag for a lining. Doesn't that make you just fly right to your phone to call about this dresser?

The posting was up for about a month with a couple bites but no one ever came out to look at it. Yesterday I saw him cropping the photo and he posted the dresser again.

Much better, eh?

He put it up around 9pm and someone texted him about it at 10:30pm. This was the first case of a craigslister not following proper etiquette, as that's getting a bit late to make a business inquiry. 

The next morning, Jason's phone rang. It was 5:30am. The gentleman proceeded to call again at 6:30am and every 45 minutes or so after that. Cause obviously, we were more likely to answer the 6th time. He left a voice mail saying his wife saw it and just knew she had to have it.

Jason was waiting on the texter from the night before so he hadn't answered the other guy, when Jason opened one of the drawers and the trim fell off. Again. Oh crap! The trim was giving him a hard time so he had to glue it a few times before it stuck, and he also had to wax the drawer so it wouldn't knock the trim off again. I told him he was like Matilda's dad.  After debating on whether or not we should even sell it, we decided to just be honest with the people. We're not forcing them to buy it and if they don't like it, they can just say no.

Texter hadn't answered and persistent man was still calling so finally Jason decided to call him back. Jason told him the trim had fallen off, but persistent man was unwavering. He and his wife were at a department store where she was trying on clothes so they would swing by when she was done.

This is a man determined to make his woman happy and we were already drawing our own conclusions about the couple. This could either go really well or really awkward and I was looking forward to it.

They arrived about 45 minutes later when his dearest finished shopping. We opened the door to find a shorter, Italian-looking man with spiked hair, brown except for a patch of red on the top. His wife followed him in, a curvy lady with tan skin and long, long bleach blonde hair and lipstick. YES! This is happening and it's awesome.

They bee-lined it straight to the dresser, examined it for 3.0 seconds and then, sold. They opened a drawer or two and were already talking about how to get it in their car. The two were quite the pair, chattering nearly constantly together.

We helped them get to their car, and found out on the way that the guy went to Midwestern, a local med school. They thought it was just perfect that they were able to buy the dresser from a fellow (future) med school student. He shared all his tips and a hearty "good luck." They spent about 5 minutes searching for his keys as he had misplaced them, and then we waved them on their way. He was still looking for his sunglasses but he figured he could handle it without us.

Craig, you have the best kind of friends. And they pay us! Let's keep doing this list thing.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Small town love

My friend Marisa is from St. David, so while she was house sitting Jason and I got to visit her and then make a day trip to the historic Bisbee. Marisa was a gracious host and made an awesome dinner! I need to get that recipe, except it was all in Japanese. (I forsee a problem...)

One time Marisa was trying to tell our friend about her hometown of St. David. She was trying to explain how small it was, and she said it only had a gas station. He then asked, "Does it have a mall?" Ohhh city people, they just don't understand. 

We stopped and peered out at the mine. It was like, really big.

My family had done the mine tour a couple times before, once when the jacket they provide was more like a trench coat on me. It's always nice to revisit places like that.

They took us down into the mine on kind of a sketchy trolley. But that didn't phase my excitement.

And after the tour, we survived!

We did some shopping and exploring downtown. If I ever have to live in a small town again, I hope it's as charming as Bisbee.

We went into this museum and the elderly gentlemen working there was so kind and full of information. It's beautiful and sad, him passing along relics of the past to a generation that doesn't always appreciate it.

At the museum, I found this picture. And I loved it.

It was great trip!

Now to plan our grand canyon trip! Anyone have any tips/suggestions for stops along the way?