Friday, May 11, 2012

This girl is a graduate

Guys, I graduated.

I'm having a hard time finding words to express how I feel. It's been six long years to get this bachelor's degree (bless my parents for their patience). I've worked so hard for it, and it's been a pivotal period in my life. I've grown much more comfortable in my own skin and I feel much more myself now than I did when I started. Of course, this could have happened without college, but college gave me confidence and an environment that's conducive to make mistakes and discover oneself. In the last 4 years at ASU, I have learned so much. And possibly the best and worst feeling is that I still have SO MUCH MORE to learn. While my formal education has ended, I want to continue learning and experiencing life.

It's been a week now and already I'm having a bit of an identity crisis. But that's okay, because I've been a student for a verrrry long time. That's been part of me, and now I have to figure out who I am after graduation. I know the struggle will continue, but I gotta keep fighting and keep looking to my support.

My actual graduation ceremony was wonderful. My class all wore pantone swatches on our caps and were able to sit in a group. We may have started our journeys separately, not knowing each other nor caring for each other, but we ended it together as one united team. We cheered for each and every one of our classmates when they walked. Most students in the school had a couple family members cheering, but we also had our class of 43 cheering for us. That was my favorite part of the whole ceremony. We did this, together.

My parents were able to come from Wisconsin to see Jason and I graduate. I really couldn't have done this without these two. They were cheering me along every step of the way. My two biggest encouragers and greatest supporters. I love them dearly and really can never thank them enough. They were an example to me growing up, and I always knew I wanted to get a degree because both of my parents had done so first. I'm so grateful for parents that raised me to have goals and to work hard to reach them. But even more so, I'm grateful for parents that supported me making my own decisions and not forcing any path upon me.

My classmates - where do I begin? I really love these people so much. These are the people who made the experience so much more rich and meaningful. Collaborating with so many talented individuals was the highlight of my 4 years at ASU. I made some amazing friends and had a network of support that not many ASU programs can rival. There's just no easy way to describe our program and the hoops we have to jump through, but this is what bonded us together and made it all worth it.

My handsome husband got to graduate as well. It's not the end of the road for him, so the moment may not have been as sweet, but I'm still proud of him and how hard he worked!

We were so glad part of his family was able to come. Jason's dad, step-mom, sister, and nephew joined us for the festivities and we loved to have them! It was nice to watch Jason's ceremony as an observer after being a participant in mine earlier in the week. I actually got more emotional at his - watching all the grads walking in, singing the national anthem (how lucky am I to live in country that, while it may have many problems, I have the complete freedom to go to college), and hearing families cheer so proudly for their beloved graduate.

Every graduation needs a celebratory pose and my husband is kind of the best at them.

Jason and I had a graduation reception put together by our scholarship, the ASU Parent's Association. They showed a video highlighting the work they do at ASU, and one of the former students said something that stood out to me. She said that she now has her degree and no one can take that away from her. I love that. This degree is mine and it will always be a part of me.

God has done so much in my life and I'm so grateful for this opportunity. He continually provided comforted me through each trial. He was always the inspiration for everything I created. Seeing how he guided me through college gives me the peace I need, knowing that he will continue to guide me now that I'm entering a new stage.

Signing out,
Emily N. Lunt, Bachelor of Science, Graphic Design
(I promise this is the last time I will ever do this. But a girl's gotta do it once, right?)


  1. Congratulations Emily (and Jason too)! You guys are awesome! So excited for you to start your new adventures!

  2. Hooray! I cannot imagine how amazing it felt!

  3. I love the pantone swatches on your caps. That is great.