Sunday, May 13, 2012

The one that found us

So... we kinda got a cat.

I'd been wanting a cat for AGES. If it weren't for Jason, I probably was destined to become a crazy cat lady. Partly due to our current rental situation and being in school, we had decided to put off getting a furry friend until after graduation.

I think it was about a week before the last day of school when we got home late one night and found a little furry friend sitting outside of our apartment complex. He looked thin but was very friendly. I'm such a softie that I wanted to give him some food... well, one thing led to the next and now we have ourselves a little rascal of a cat running around our feet.

It's just funny how it happened, so close to graduation. We had planned on picking out the perfect one... and here he picked us out. We named him Lars. I can't say I would have picked him out of a group of cats, but we're fond of him all the same.

Especially when he makes weird faces like this.

Seriously, weirdo.


  1. Ginger and Tinker Bell are freaking out at Lars's picture. They both told me he would look better with his hair died purple. Go figure, what does a cat know anyhow?

  2. Hayden sure loved Lars. He watched the video on my camera of him and Lars playing, over and over. And now he doesn't just pretend to be a doggy but a kitty as well. :)