Tuesday, April 10, 2012


On Saturday, The Clites were supposed to join us on a big estate saling adventure but weren't able to make it last minute. Jason and I halfheartedly decided to go to one that was only a block away. Why not?

We park, and walk up to the sale. Directly in front of us, at the very end of the other side of the yard, we saw it. Tunnel vision, I tell ya.

We decided nearly immediately that we were going to get it. We don't have for room it. We'll make room. How will we get it home? We'll find a way. The wood's a little beat up. It's okay, we'll put some furniture oil on it. We don't have cash. We'll get cash.

Jason sat on the couch the entire time I went to the bank. Dedication, my friends.

When I started going to estate sales, Jason earnestly requested that our house doesn't end up looking like his grandma's. And now, today is that day. But look at that face! That is the face of a man who doesn't mind at all that his house appears to be occupied by a sweet old lady that crochets and drinks from a floral tea cup.


(and finally, a picture to show that the fabric doesn't actually look like TV static)


  1. I love it! Sorry we weren't able to come! We really really wanted to! Next time I guess.

  2. IT IS PERFECTTTTTT! I am seriously really jealous.

  3. Spontaneous buys are almost always the best anyway! :) Love it!

  4. ooh that is GORGEOUS. i love rescuing furniture and refinishing it. i'm plotting about a chair right now that i found on a curb. true love, i tell you.