Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pretty much a celebrity

I was catching up on Community and made a wonderful discovery.

Annie Edison and I have a matching dress! Okay, okay, the colors are different, but I know they're the same dress because when I bought mine, there were these 2 color options. And we both wore ours with purple cardigans.

Obviously this is really important so I wanted to share it with all of you. Now that you want my autograph, you can catch me here in a few weeks.

Also, I survived one of my final final-reviews. I'm getting much better at giving presentations on 3 hours of sleep (as in 3 hours several nights in a row). Yes, this is what a college education has taught me.


  1. That is so funny! (Annie is so funny) I have this shirt (that is really a dress from f21 but barely covers my bum) that Rachel Berry wore on Glee. So yeah...

    (I don't watch Glee, I feel like I need to say that so we can still be friends. Unless of course if YOU watch Glee. In that case, I'll overlook it. But if you say your love cats and Glee, that might be a little harder to swallow.)

  2. Uh, you better remember who your friends were BEFORE you were famous... (cough, cough) me!

    P.S. I was watching TMZ one time (don't judge), and one of the guys was wearing a Shins t-shirt that I totally have... I'm pretty sure I took a picture of it.