Monday, March 5, 2012

Thrifty business

Look at me, I'm blogcrastinating! It's a real word, promise.

This weekend, we went with our friend Kevin thrift store shopping. It transpired over text, something like this:

Kevin: Can we have a thrift store shopping day this weekend?
Me: Stop. I might cry with happiness.

Kevin is a real deal picker and I always love a chance to learn from his ways. He usually works the yard sale route, and the only thrift store he'd been to was Goodwill. We made sure to change that, stat. We hit about 5 stores in Tempe/Mesa area. I was kind of afraid of the quality of the stores, but even in the ghetto, there is good thrifts to be found.

Honest to goodness, just a week ago Jason sent me a link to similar sunglasses, that he was considering buying. I pulled the Ozzy Osbourne card on them and Jason quickly realized his mistake. Can everyone please thank me for steering Jason in the right direction on this one?

Kevin in action.

Jason made fun of this jacket. Then he tried it on and liked it, like a boss.

Yes, I gave in to the trend and got colored jeans. They're fun and now I want more!!

Inspector Gadget jacket! (note: this is a women's jacket)

If you're friends with Jason on facebook, you may have seen the best find of the day - a plush gentlemanly-like robe. There's a good chance he will be living in that robe from now on. I'm bracing myself.

Kevin is one of our favorite friends! Who says once you get married you can only hang out with married couples??


  1. Awesome! I want to come play with you guys!

  2. i have a deep, committed relationship with thrift stores...AND i am wearing green skinny pants today...AND...i read your other post and i know molli too! and i love her dearly! we worked EFY together a few years ago and it was friendlove at first sight. you have good taste shopping AND friends!

  3. Thanks Katie: you better believe the love is mutual! :)

    And Emily, what I wouldn't give to go thrifting with you!! And I have totally been wanting colored jeans! Is it weird that I am nervous that they might go out of style before I can fit into some?? Haha.

  4. You guys are cute! Yay for colored jeans! (I just gave in too!)