Saturday, March 31, 2012


Behold, my random thoughts.

The days til graduation are ticking down. It's so crazy!!! Most days I feel like a mad woman when I think about all I still have to get done with my projects, but Friday was a little different. For our senior show, we are using scaffolding to frame our exhibits. They have a few set up in our classroom, and I stood in front of it and breathed. A little bit of hope sparked in my head and trickled all the way down to my toes. I imagined myself standing in the same position, but this time in front of my finished exhibit. I breathed again, and this time I felt peace. It's going to happen. It's going to happen!!!

Speaking of projects and graduation, lately I've been checking out and daydreaming about things like a few little balls (yes, plural!) of fur that we plan on adopting in the summer, or designing a graduation announcement for Jason and I, or finding a dress for my show. As a reminder to myself, even if you find a great dress you'll be looking the opposite if you have to stand in front of an incomplete project at the show. I will be repeating this mantra often.

In much stranger news, I have a new fascination with natural birth. Read the articles and blogs, watched The Business of Being Born, talked to Jason about it, read some more articles. Jason was rather abrasive about the whole topic at first, but he has softened to the idea. Mind you, I just mean the idea in general as we aren't making an personal decisions yet. One of my favorite photographers recently did a photo shoot of a home birth and I looked at it all. It's tastefully done but still more graphic than I normally opt into. Jason came home and I showed him too - gasp! This is a future med student we're talking about. And finally this brings us to last night when I found myself sitting on the couch watching some stranger's youtube video of a home birth. And even more shocking, rather than feeling squeamish and turning away, I got teary-eyed. I don't know people, I just don't know.

A new development in the Lunt household is Jason's new purchase. We spent a week over spring break with 2 friends who are much more fashionable than we are and Jason found himself in want. The day after we got home he told me, "I want a fandora." Darling, I think you mean a "fedora" - and, are you sure? He was so sure that later that day he was in a mall texting me various fedora photos.

I honestly had a bit of an identity crisis. Am I now the wife of a man who wears a fedora? Ah well, I'm happy if he's happy. Now, I just need to make sure he's not wearing it every single day. Cause trust me, if he could, he would.


  1. I can often be found reading natural birth stories and blubbering to myself (those photos were so beautiful so yeah, blubbering) as beautiful as a home birth is, it scares me a little bit. I guess the major reason is the teeny-tiny apartment we live in now I would never, ever give birth in, so that's probably why it seems so scary. I would love to have a natural water birth in a birthing center with a mid wife. I know you are totally allowed to plan your own pregnancy, gender of your baby and birth so I'm planning on a baby boy next year with a perfect pregnancy and effortless birth... ;)

    You graduate so soon! I cannot WAIT to see photos of your senior project. Will you please post some? I've heard such amazing things about ASU's graphic design program.

    "am I now the wife of a man who wears a fedora?" oh my goodness, this made me laugh so hard. Sometimes I wonder "am I the wife of a man who wears tan shorts, long socks and hiking boots?"

    Oh yeah! My green pants are from WET SEAL (emphasis added because I am not 14 years old) and they were only $15. Go get ya some, yo.