Sunday, March 25, 2012

macaroons & heartbeats

I'm ending my spring break with a stomach stuffed full (full I tell you!!) of Rubios tacos and an open InDesign file, waiting for me to fill the blank pages with research from my senior thesis. Don't worry research book: soon, very soon I will be bringing you to life. Only 2 weeks late, I might add. (ahem, senioritis)

Spring break was wonderful, but as with all breaks, it has come to an end. I really want to sort through all my pictures and share them, but that may have to wait a few weeks. If they come sooner, you know I'm being a naughty student (so yeah, there's still a good chance). One of the things we did in LA was go to a book store in little Tokyo and I found this book. What can I say, it spoke to me!

CALI12 - thank you for happening to me. I didn't even know how much I needed you or how much I would miss you.

Okay okay one last thing.

I'm only 6 years behind, but this song people. So beautiful.

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  1. Oh spring break, how I would've loved to partake in its glory! Ah well. That book looks so cute!!