Friday, February 24, 2012

View from my cell phone

You know how some people have fancy phones that take fancy pictures and then they share them on their fancy blog? Well, I have none of these things, but I'm going to share my cell phone pictures anyway. These span about 2 years because I don't use my camera phone very much, so enjoy the complete randomness of them.

A pretty sunrise while waiting for the bus.

Sometimes I get to hang out with this little one. She's pretty cute, eh?

Put a bird on it.

My terrible picture of the one and only Whitney Port speaking at ASU.

I thought this tree was so pretty. My phone did a pretty poor job of capturing it, unfortunately.

A rainy day, walking home from work.

Under my umbrella.

I have a jacket with a monstrous fur hoodie and this is my view when I wear it.

When I can, I always walk in grass over sidewalk.

Picking out our pumpkins for carving!

My parents came to visit. We took them to Thai Basil, the makers of the most delicious Pad Thai ever.

For Halloween, our department at work went with the theme Rule the Geeks. I got to decorate the door as a pocket protector!

Saw this old man- back brace, motorcycle and all. Was I driving when I took this??? I don't remember but let's pretend like I wasn't.

This is one of my oldest pictures. Someone put an ad in one of the stairwells in the design building. The note on top says, "You should know better. No Papyrus in the design building."

A fun parking lot find.

What I found on my desk last year on Valentines Day. My classmates are the best.

My office for my internship. It used to be a grocery store.

When Jason and I were teaching the kindergarten Sunday School, one of our kids drew this for us. Jason is the one with glasses, I'm the one in a mini dress.

The same boy drew a picture of Jason on a day when he was working and couldn't come to class. Adam made sure I sent it to Jason so he could see it.

Possibly my creepiest picture? THE Andy Weed's desk. He left the room and I couldn't resist.

Hot and sweaty at a football game. An unexpected bonus was getting tickets in the Larson family section. Random but awesome.

Poor guy feel asleep on the couch while studying. Now I may just be spending the night on the couch when he sees this. But look at that form! Makes me laugh every time.

Nice hair, man.

Watching the railroad revival tour from the roof of Kellie's professor's office. So wonderful. #hipsterheaven

Pretty books at an estate sale.

Our never ending hallway at work.

This was a little girl's bumble bee costume. I wanted to buy it, it was so adorable!!! Does anyone want to recreate this in my size for my next Halloween?? (I'm actually dead serious)

Waiting at the airport.

Sombrero at the airport.

Jason helped out at a car repair drive our church held. He fit right in with his overalls.

And last but not least. Some of the people from my scholarship group got to volunteer at an event with Michael Crow. We took a picture with him... yes, that's my forehead.

And finally, to end this random post, a little glimpse into how romantic and glamorous our married life is:

Jason: You smell good.
Me: Really? (surprised, it was at the end of the day) Is it my hair or something?
Jason: No... (starts smelling me) It's your shirt. Smells like clean laundry.

When the best smelling part of me is a faint detergent smell, I think it's a sign I need to step up my game.


  1. Haha- that last part made me laugh. I want to comment on like every picture, but I'll have to narrow it down: First, I love how you see beauty in so many things. Second, when you wrote "under my umbrella" I of course read it with an "ella, ella, eh, eh, eh." Third, your pocket protector was awesome. And lastly, I love that you sat in the Larson section. Go Devils!

    P.S. You're adorable.

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You should know better!!!! i love that building and all the awesome people in it.