Thursday, February 9, 2012

Silly stories

Sometimes life is really stressful and kind of monotonous. Soo this is to celebrate the humor in these times.

Last night, Jason asked me, "Why do you have that pink tub in the couch?" He then starts laughing and trying to fix what he said as he pulls up a ceramic yellow pot that I had set on one of the cushions.

Even later, I was in the living room and Jason was in the bedroom. He said "If I wrote a book on how to break hangers, it would have one word. Er, two words. Four words. 'Putting them on the floor.'"
Me: "That's five and what?! This is silly."
He came out of the bedroom and we laughed about it. Jason was smiling and then in an instant his face turned completely serious and he tromped back to the bedroom. It was Hollywood-level expression changing.

This is what happens when we're both tired and everything becomes really funny. It's probably not very funny to read, but in the moment (and still now to me) it was all hilarious.

Another bonus of yesterday was a particular incident at work. I was going to the bathroom and one of the PhD students happened to be entering at the same time (I work at ASU so in our department we have several PhD students). I'm on good terms with this lady and I hadn't seen her in a while so we were exchanging updates on the semester and graduating and life in general.

Now, I think most people understand proper social procedures in the bathroom. In a normal circumstance, this conversation would be paused once those individual stall doors closed. Well, it was a first for me as we continued the conversation - the whole time we were doing our business. Speaking volumes were raised over streams of urine as we discussed potential job opportunities and how we've been in school too long. She kept asking questions and I was trapped, both literally and figuratively. To heighten the awkwardness, there was another lady in the bathroom. Thank goodness, I think for all our sake, she never showed her face.

I know now, more than ever, God has a sense of humor.


  1. I want to video tape you two. It'd be the most awesome film ever made! ps. I'm sad your not going to GA with us! But can't blame you either.

  2. Laughed all the way through this. You are seriously hilarious Em! You should write a book...