Saturday, February 25, 2012

My friend Molli

Can I talk for a little bit about my friend Molli? It is her birthday today and she's one of my favorite people in the whole world. In all fairness, this blog may be dripping in sappiness cause I really adore this girl, so don't say I didn't warn you.

Molli is one of the most positive, thoughtful, and hilarious girls I've ever met. Once, a girl at EA was telling me about how she saw this girl walk into Institute and it was like she was glowing she was so happy. It was Molli she was talking about, and to be honest I was totally jealous because one, I wish people said that about me, and two, I wish I had said that about Molli first. Regardless, it's true. Molli has this unique ability to shine her awesomeness to all the people around her and make everyone fall in love with her.

My first memory of Molli was on my first day of school after we moved to Thatcher at the end of my 4th grade year. Classmates were giving me a tour, and we walked by Eagle's Roost. Molli was sitting with Casey. One of my tour guides said, "That's Casey, he's kinda weird." Molli, loyal as ever, retorted right back, "He's not weird, he's my friend!" I can't say I remember much else about this day, but I'm so glad I remember this.

In 5th grade, I was best friends with Veronica. We were pretty much attached at the hip, so I was a bit surprised when one day she told me she wanted to be friends with Molli. Molli, the one who spends all her time playing basketball and riding bikes, with boys? I was fairly certain we had nothing in common but Veronica is very determined when she sets her mind to it. Molli showed up to our first joined sleepover and blew Veronica and I away when she pulled out the biggest nail polish collection we'd ever seen. This tomboy had another side to her that we were just beginning to discover.

The three of us joined forces and had a good amount of fun, holding sleepovers and playing ridiculous make-believe games where we were orphaned princesses on the run. I remember at one point being really jealous and thinking Veronica liked Molli more than me. I felt my best friend spot had been replaced, but slowly I grew to realize I was just now sharing that spot.

Molli and I stayed friends all through the roller coaster of middle school and high school. I honestly don't know why, because I was terribly awkward (not that that has really changed) and shy and generally uncool. Molli never wavered in her loyalty and really was my constant through those years. Friends and groups changed and evolved, but I always knew Molli would be my friend. I think it was that stability that kept me sane.

In college, we had the pleasure of living together for a year. Living with your best friend is a bit of a risk, but it really worked out better than we could have imagined and we came out of it, friendship stronger than ever. We made so many good memories in that Howards apartment, and I will always remember that time fondly. Listening to copious amounts of The Shins, powerboxing our neighbors late at night, giggling together each night before we fell asleep, throwing spontaneous dance parties, burying a pumpkin, trick or treating in the spring, watching movies and eating ice cream, trolling WalMart, finding random apartment decorations, not cleaning our room, making fun of ourselves, and just all around enjoying life.

We're older and wiser now, married and living in different states. The distance sucks but we make it work, cause that's what best friends do. Molli is also growing a little baby girl and I couldn't be happier! Molli has had her fair share of trials, but she stayed SO positive through all of them. This girl has an endless supply of optimism and it's contagious to anyone around her. She carries herself with grace and a sense of humor through any situation. She's such a strong woman and her daughter is so lucky to grow up with Molli as a mother.

To sum it all up, I really love this girl. I'm so incredibly blessed to have her and I love knowing that no matter how old I get or where I live or what I'm doing, I will always have my best friend.

Friday, February 24, 2012

View from my cell phone

You know how some people have fancy phones that take fancy pictures and then they share them on their fancy blog? Well, I have none of these things, but I'm going to share my cell phone pictures anyway. These span about 2 years because I don't use my camera phone very much, so enjoy the complete randomness of them.

A pretty sunrise while waiting for the bus.

Sometimes I get to hang out with this little one. She's pretty cute, eh?

Put a bird on it.

My terrible picture of the one and only Whitney Port speaking at ASU.

I thought this tree was so pretty. My phone did a pretty poor job of capturing it, unfortunately.

A rainy day, walking home from work.

Under my umbrella.

I have a jacket with a monstrous fur hoodie and this is my view when I wear it.

When I can, I always walk in grass over sidewalk.

Picking out our pumpkins for carving!

My parents came to visit. We took them to Thai Basil, the makers of the most delicious Pad Thai ever.

For Halloween, our department at work went with the theme Rule the Geeks. I got to decorate the door as a pocket protector!

Saw this old man- back brace, motorcycle and all. Was I driving when I took this??? I don't remember but let's pretend like I wasn't.

This is one of my oldest pictures. Someone put an ad in one of the stairwells in the design building. The note on top says, "You should know better. No Papyrus in the design building."

A fun parking lot find.

What I found on my desk last year on Valentines Day. My classmates are the best.

My office for my internship. It used to be a grocery store.

When Jason and I were teaching the kindergarten Sunday School, one of our kids drew this for us. Jason is the one with glasses, I'm the one in a mini dress.

The same boy drew a picture of Jason on a day when he was working and couldn't come to class. Adam made sure I sent it to Jason so he could see it.

Possibly my creepiest picture? THE Andy Weed's desk. He left the room and I couldn't resist.

Hot and sweaty at a football game. An unexpected bonus was getting tickets in the Larson family section. Random but awesome.

Poor guy feel asleep on the couch while studying. Now I may just be spending the night on the couch when he sees this. But look at that form! Makes me laugh every time.

Nice hair, man.

Watching the railroad revival tour from the roof of Kellie's professor's office. So wonderful. #hipsterheaven

Pretty books at an estate sale.

Our never ending hallway at work.

This was a little girl's bumble bee costume. I wanted to buy it, it was so adorable!!! Does anyone want to recreate this in my size for my next Halloween?? (I'm actually dead serious)

Waiting at the airport.

Sombrero at the airport.

Jason helped out at a car repair drive our church held. He fit right in with his overalls.

And last but not least. Some of the people from my scholarship group got to volunteer at an event with Michael Crow. We took a picture with him... yes, that's my forehead.

And finally, to end this random post, a little glimpse into how romantic and glamorous our married life is:

Jason: You smell good.
Me: Really? (surprised, it was at the end of the day) Is it my hair or something?
Jason: No... (starts smelling me) It's your shirt. Smells like clean laundry.

When the best smelling part of me is a faint detergent smell, I think it's a sign I need to step up my game.