Sunday, January 29, 2012

For better or for worse

Last night as Jason and I were eating dinner, I was chewing a bite of biscuit when I inhaled some crumbs. I immediately coughed up a majority of my biscuit, spewing half-chewed biscuit crumbs everywhere. Jason recoiled in disgust, but as I kept coughing, he recomposed and it occurred to him to ask if I was okay. Yes, I replied, as I picked some biscuit gunk off of his big toe.

When we were laughing about it a few minutes later, Jason started mimicking my choking attack. I had a mouthful of food so I burst out laughing through my nose, and because I'm sick, boogers squirted out faster than I could keep them in.

People. This is why you get married. So that your significant other is stuck with you, no matter how disgusting you are.

In other news, any tips on how to restore femininity? As much as I'm all about being myself in marriage, I think my husband would appreciate it if I could reign myself in every now and then. For both our sakes.


  1. HAHAHAHAHA! Love this....even tho you could be dead right now.

    "Woman dies after inhaling biscuit crumbs"!!!!

    P.S I posted about boogers. Note to self. I must get a life.

  2. HAHAHA!!! I can see it all happening! Oh and step 1 to regaining your femininity.... shave those legs! ;) haha just kidding. (well do shave them, but I'm sure you never stopped)

  3. hahahahhahhhahaha!!!! best. dinner. ever.