Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Castles, Christmas, and Car rides (Christmas Part 4)

We visited St. Louis's Catholic Basilica. It was the nearest thing to a castle I've ever seen, apart from being at Disneyland.

I don't want to talk about that mean, ugly shadow that threatened to ruin my pictures.

When I look at this picture, I hear the sound of trumpets and galloping horses.

While I am not Catholic, I appreciated the symbolism of everything inside. Each color and image meant something. They used real gold for the tiles so the inside sparkled brilliantly at every turn. Mosaics were everywhere... made me wish I were in Europe.

The gent on the right is St. Louis himself.

There were so many beautiful patterns. This was one of my favorites.

Once we got back outside, I took a few more pictures of the back side of the Basilica.

We walked around the neighborhood afterwards (meaning I dragged my family around because I love looking at the downtown buildings).

Love these houses, so much.

On Christmas morning this is what my grandparent's tree looked like. Poor thing couldn't even hold all the presents.

My momma and I.

Opening presents isn't very interesting when you don't have any children participating so I didn't snap very many pictures. It was a great Christmas though, and it was so nice to share it with all the family. They were all so generous; we came home with very, very stuffed suitcases.

This is kind of random, but this is my grandparents wedding invitation. My great aunt added the quilled flowers. Aren't they just gorgeous?

On the day after Christmas, my dad, my uncle Denny, Jason and I headed to Alton, IL to look at the locks. It was a gray and cold day.

Before we went to the locks, we went to The Principia, which is a Christian Science college (quite possibly the only one?). It was an isolated campus that felt like a small town in Germany... not that I've actually been to Germany, but a girl can imagine.

This was my favorite building, because of the bike!

The school sits on a bluff above the Mississippi River.

The campus was on the side of a small town named Elsah. This particular neighborhood has signs with all of the residents' names. So quaint.

Who doesn't love little churches, with little matching mailboxes?

On our drive from Elsah to the locks, we started taking pictures.

My dad got jealous, so we took one of him also.

This blog is now deemed long enough, so I'll share the lock pictures in another post.


  1. I love: The last picture of you (so pretty), the german, science/church school,the wedding invite!, what Jason got for Christmas, The Millions of Presents, and the castle. What a cool trip!!

  2. I love how yours and Jason's personalities come out in all these pictures. And your dad's. Haha.