Monday, January 2, 2012

Animals & Candy (Christmas Part 3)

Yes, my friends, the pictures keep coming.

The St. Louis is a really nice zoo, and the best part is that it's FREE! Many museums as well as the zoo are free in St. Louis and I think it's pretty great that the citizens chose to make these available for everyone.

I found this pretty Christmas-colored plant.

And a cardinal! I died every time I saw one. So beautiful.

We walked through many empty exhibits because of the cold, but we finally started seeing some animals.

The zoo has a pretty butterfly house that was in the 1904 World Fair.

Red leaves are always a good thing.

This guy was quite the charmer. He certainly got our attention by strutting and foaming at the mouth and growling at us.

My uncle said it looked like he was wearing a bad toupee. FAVORITE!

This bird was pretty shameless, trying to take the food right out of the prairie dog's mouth.

More buildings that were built for the 1904 World Fair.

I can't remember if it was the same day or not, but we went to a local popular candy shop. It was shoulder-to-shoulder standing room inside.

These buildings were across the street. Looove those big letters in the window.

My mom knitted me this scarf. She's pretty great. My husband and my brother told me it looked like a neck brace. They're sweet like that.

I didn't take many pictures of the cookie extravaganza, but it happened. When we got into town, that was one of the first things my grandma made sure we scheduled. Love her. Jason's frenchman cookie blew my mind. It was from a hammer cookie cutter. So, so good.