Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bear down

Jason had his second med school interview on Friday at UofA Tucson. He excitedly and nervously prepared the night before, ironing his shirt, laying each piece of clothing out, double-checking directions.

The next morning, the morning of the interview, I get a call from him while I was at work. "I'm half an hour out, and I forgot my wallet. What do I do?" The last sentence was desperate.

The best part was, I could have panicked. I could have berated Jason for his mistake. But we had been praying for this interview, and I had peace that God would work everything out. And he did. I feel so blessed that we have him guiding us through this process, teaching him to trust us more and more.

We were able to call a few generous friends who offered help. The main concern was that Jason wouldn't be able to pay for parking, but thanks to their help, he found a bank and a parking lot so he was set. And, he felt like he had a great interview! God is good.

As a sidenote, isn't bear down kind of an awkward school motto? Maybe I've been reading too many pregnancy stories.

Uhh anyway, to celebrate, we ate yummy food! I believe all celebrations should have food.

Remember how I salivated over Paula Deen's soup? I finally made some carrot soup, Paula style. We didn't add any blue cheese though because we both get a puckery face whenever blue cheese is mentioned.

I know this picture isn't going to win any food picture awards, but here is the finished product. It wasn't anywhere near as orange as Paula's, but it still tasted fresh and yummy!

And my favorite part of the meal was the dessert, a pear, cranberry, and gingersnap crumble. I got the recipe from Smitten Kitchen. Deb is like my ultimate food blogger crush. It's bad guys. I never thought I would fall so hard, but now I go to her before I even go to, which is BIG. I really trust this lady more than I should considering I've never met her.

Enough about my fake bff Deb. Let's just say she knows what she's doing because I now want a gingersnap crumble on EVERYTHING. Lemon was the flavor of summer this year for me, and now for the holidays, it's ginger. Sooo wonderful. (also, my crumble came out a little soupy, but that's okay because it was still delicious)


  1. Yay fro Jason's interview!! Thats so exciting!! Godo luck to him with any others. ps sounds like you are pretty darn good cook and that apple crumble looks delicious!! (I'm super excited to see you this weekend!!! I'll call you to figure out a time and place)

  2. fro?? hahah meant to say for*

  3. Em, seriously, you're such a gourmand. One day my kids are gonna be asking me "why can't you cook like Aunt Emily?" :) And I'm still in a good mood from hearing about Jason's first acceptance! We are so happy for you guys! Go Lunts!