Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sidewalk chalk

A few of our favorite lil peaches came to visit last Saturday, although only briefly because Jason and I had a very important assignment of walking in the homecoming parade.

Good thing the weather was perfect outside for their visit. The new cold-season grass in our apartment complex has sprouted a delicate, fluffy layer of grass that's a brilliant shade of green thanks to the few recent rain showers.

The sidewalks were begging for some happiness to match the weather.

We were happy to oblige. (Note the artwork - I think they like us)

Why just put chalk on the sidewalk when you can have it everywhere? (Not gonna lie, the OCD part of me was coming out when I saw the chalk everywhere. My poor children are going to be subjected to outdoor showers each time they want to come inside)

The younger squirts were too busy running around for me to get any pictures. Guess that means they'll just have to come visit again soon.

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  1. So cute! They love you! And I bet you guys were the highlight of the parade. Wish I could've been there...