Saturday, October 22, 2011

Scenes and seasoning

Happy weekend!

A few random tidbits from my life:

Jason surprised me with a cast iron skillet last weekend. We've been going to a lot of weddings and giving a lot of gifts so Jason decided it was time for us to get a gift. It was a pleasant surprise to find it in the kitchen and I love it! I had been wanting and waiting for one for a long time now, and after reading about the dangers of the non-stick and aluminum pans, I feel a lot better about cooking with this. It came pre-seasoned but I still got a lot of sticking my first time using it. I will learn in time.

The bus schedule is kind of erratic, so yesterday I found myself walking home and snapping pictures with my cell phone. There are several old homes on Mill right across from campus and I admire them every time I go by. They're quaint, charming houses - not too big, a little worn but well-cared for. I'm not sure how old they are, but I know they've seen many more years than I have.

And I didn't think I would ever say this, but I found some great recipes on Paula Deen's website. I had kind of pre-judged her without really knowing her. Well, consider me humbled, because I want to cook nearly each recipe in her fall soup collection.

Yum, yum, yum.

Side note: I've never been a big fan of soup, and neither has Jason. But then something marvelous happened. We started cooking our own soup, and suddenly, we're both sold on soup. Sorry Campbells!


  1. Campbell's is so nasty once you've discovered good soup recipes. I found a corn chowder recipe on Pinterest and made it the other night.... MMMMMMMM!

  2. Those soups look delicious. I love soup, but Tyler is not yet sold on it. He always says "it's not real food."