Friday, October 14, 2011

Da bebes

Babies are pretty cute, and on occasion, Jason and I like to hang out with them.

This lil peachy came to visit us, probably almost a month ago now.

We had the honor of babysitting Jeter while his parents went to a D-Backs game. He was 11 months and he was really into walking everywhere! He just needs a little help and he's happy as a clam.

Our apartment doesn't have too many kids things, but thankfully Jeter didn't care. We played with magnets a lot.

Jeter kept giving them to me. He's already good at sharing!

Jeter looked pretty darn adorable in his pjs, too bad he didn't want to sleep in them. It's okay, we had fun cuddling on the couch.

Come visit again soon, lil Jeter!

Also, Tiffany had her baby! Little Layla is so very precious. We got to see her when she was about a week old. I loved her. I could held her all night. Hopefully her mom lets me do that very soon! Just kidding Tiffany, I won't steal your baby until you're ready.

Look how precious!

Thanks, friends, for having babies! Good work.

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