Thursday, October 27, 2011


Jason told me the other night that he saw someone's online countdown to retirement, which was set to the year 2032. Complete wishful thinking if it's that far off, but it got him thinking about the future. His retirement date is even later - somewhere around 2052. Whatever year it is, that is a lot to process!

Jason's face was just the best as he tried to imagine 2052. Big eyes, raised eyebrows, mouth slightly ajar with amazement and contemplation. We both had similar thoughts - when we imagine being "old," we imagine our bodies old, but still living in the present age. I can't even imagine how different ordinary life will be in 40 years, but it still is fun to think about it.

A Bible verse I read this morning really stood out to me, and I think it's perfectly relevant to the future.

"...If you do not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all."

Isaiah 7:9, NIV

Can I plaster that verse everywhere? It was exactly what my soul needed today, and I feel so grateful that God speaks to me through his word like he does.

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  1. When I read that 2052 retirement date, I'm pretty sure my face was similar to Jason's as I was trying to comprehend it. But the thought also came to me that wherever I am and whatever I'm doing at that time, I know you'll still be my best friend. :) I love you.